YouPorn blames Nintendo and Zelda for recent loss of viewership

by onApril 27, 2017

YouPorn blames Nintendo and Zelda for recent loss of viewership


YouPorn Traffic goes downhill march 3rd, Link to Blame?

The popular adult video streaming site ‘YouPorn’ has recently seen a small decline in viewership. The company issued a public statement addressing this issue and they believe the cause to be related to the recent release of the Nintendo Switch console and Zelda Breath of the Wild release.  The company states: the timing combined with Nintendo related searches being at an all-time high all seem to be a clear indication of the reason why.

While we’re confident any losses in traffic attributed to Nintendo’s latest hardware will be short-lived, we tip our hats to the hardware developers, as such accomplished don’t happen every day.

The statement from YouPorn Inc. can be found below.

You can see a very significant dip in traffic among gamers over the weekend of March 3rd. Beginning on Friday- the day the Switch launched, traffic dropped -15%, -17% on Saturday and -13% on Sunday.

“The lowest numbers all month. Although the sales numbers aren’t out yet, Japan is estimated to have sold more than 330,000 units.

“While in the America’s it is being said that over the first two days of sales, the new console is already beating out all other systems in the company’s history. Which would explain the dip in Gamer traffic to YouPorn.”

But Nintendo related searches on YouPorn did hit a high.

Gamers’ searches for “Link” and Zelda were up 164 percent.

Old school characters like “Mario”, “Bowser” and “Princess Peach” increased by 24 percent, 23 percent and 16 percent.”

Source: The Sun

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