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Later this year going down is a lil doozy known as the Ohio Game Dev Expo 2015 which celebrates annually and located in Columbus Ohio.


 NOVEMBER 6TH – 8TH 2015

The busy Nintendo licensed independents or “Nindies” nationwide lucky enough having secured their booths earlier in this years registration naturally begin in the promotion of scheduled lineups illustrating the software offerings hitting OGDE showroom floor and these materials to begin public circulation about now.

hbs_logo (1)

Among the first, HullBreach Studios, whom just last night confirmed 4 WiiU eShop games accompanying this year in November.

Interesting enough inside what is curiously confirmed with posting of HBS OGDE2015 media assets via the sexy HBS Official Twitter Feed is TOMELING: DARKNESS FALLS! This marks the first public image released of the upcoming Wii U eShop software!

HullBreach Studios OGDE 2015 Lineup

Nintendo Nuggets Analysis Machine….. ENHANCE!


The HullBreach Studios’ developer homepage has since been on record in act of displaying a listed WiiU exclusive RPG ‘Tomeling: Darkness Falls’ beneath a tentative fiscal Q4 2015 Release Date (captured below):


Currently HullBreach Studios has maintained absolute secrecy as the dedicated Nintendo Wii U media has only received details from HullBreach Studios concerning the WiiU Tomeling RPG only once to date!

This information is found tucked away in a rare interview between HullBreach Studios (quietly published last fiscal year in July of 2014) hosted by the familiar Technology Hobbit, in which HBS’ Chief Technology Officer Robert Gump replied to the various Tomeling focused interrogations approached therein (excerpt below):


TECHNOLOGY HOBBIT: Gamers everywhere want to know what is Tomeling?!


(HullBreach Studios CTO): Tomeling is a living book. His origin will be explained in more detail in the Wii U Tomeling RPG (currently unnamed), but for now I can say he is based on Tsukumogami, which is in Japanese folklore. The alleged concept behind it is once any object reaches its 100th birthday, it comes to life and becomes self-aware. Tomeling’s RPG back story is already written out, but I don’t want to spoil anything that may be surprising for the Wii U RPG.

TECHNOLOGY HOBBIT: Its not everyday books spring to life! How did you first come up with the character Tomeling?

ROBERT GUMP: The very first original idea of “Tomeling” was from an attempt of mine to pick on one of my friends at work for his handwriting on our office dry erase board. When I saw how he had “Tunneling” written out, I connected the rest of the “u” and the “nn” and said “Tomeling? Is that a book with legs?”, then I drew out the original Tomeling!

TECHNOLOGY HOBBIT: That is hilarious! What is the theme of the upcoming game? Are there any literature based environments and levels?

ROBERT GUMP: In the Wii U RPG most definitely!

TECHNOLOGY HOBBIT: Do you have any supporting characters in mind?

ROBERT GUMP: For Tomeling RPG more details will be released in the future about this.

TECHNOLOGY HOBBIT: What combat/defensive techniques does Tomeling have?

ROBERT GUMP: Expect some pretty powerful combat from this book! He can dish out more than paper cuts!


Cannot wait for Tomeling’s RPG ” Darkness Falls” WiiU Debut at the Expo next month. More details as exposure develops on the newest HBS IP.

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