What is next for Mario?

by onFebruary 25, 2015

Mario has gone through Multiple Transformations throughout his career in gaming. From the simple platforming plumber, To a 3d paint cleaning space explorer. Mario has seen More variety than most Game franchises ever do.But with the last mario game over a year behind us…What should be next for our overalled plumber? To read more hit the jump!!

The Latest Mario game was a safe outing, a simple 3D platformer in the style of the hit on 3ds “Mario 3D land”. It took no risks, But was still a fun game all in all. But it wasn’t what we expect from a Truly “Next-Gen” Mario game. But if Nintendo is to make a new Mario experience for WiiU what will it be? Will we get our Long awaited “Mario Sunshine 2”? Maybe the fan favorite “Super Mario Galaxy 3”? While those are both The safest of safe ideas, Mario is in need of a new adventure all of its own.

Our Favorite plumber is always attempting to save a princess, whether it be from a Giant mutated turtle thing or not, Mario is always going after his lady in pink. Instead, on his new adventure How about our mustachioed hero is attempting to reach home? Taking the time travel concept from “Marios time machine” Mario has been thrown through time by an experiment in the mushroom kingdom gone wrong. Landing in a new time era mario explores the towns and environments he is thrown into only to discover a plot to rip apart space and time by a Shadowy menace. Joined by different yoshis in each time period he must travel across time in hopes of stopping such a menace!!

Would you Enjoy such a Concept for a Mario game? Or what are your concepts for a mario game? Leave them in the comments below!!

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