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Terraria 3DS Review

by onMarch 11, 2016

GamingDocs Review of Terraria for the Nintendo 3DS

Check out the video below by GamingDocs and see what we think of Terraria for the 3DS. Please subscribe to the NintendoNuggets video page. GamingDocs, for more game reviews, exclusive interviews, and mini gaming documentaries.

Terraria is out now on the Nintendo 3DS exclusively in the eshop for $19.99. It is scheduled to hit stores March 15, 2016.

Terraria fits perfectly on the Nintendo 3ds, almost as if they were made for each other. Terraria is a game that draws a lot of its inspiration from classic Nintendo games like The Legend Of Zelda, so it just makes since to finally be on a Nintendo platform.

If you’ve never played Terraria before, which it has been out for sometime on other platforms like Xbox, PS4, PC and Mobile, It is an open world sandbox adventure game. Some have called it a 2D version of minecraft but this game has a lot more to it than that. Its true like minecraft there are no missions and you craft, build and survive. But also there are really cool biomes, and amazing boss battles. There is so much that can be said about the ins and outs and the many things to do in Terraria so lets just look at the 3ds version.

Unlike when minecraft came to the Wii U, Terraria actually took full advantage of the 3DS’s hardware. Only leaving out actual 3D effects, which doesn’t take anything away from a game in my book. The 3DS version is like a cross between the console version and the mobile version of the game. You can play with pretty normal controls with the bottom touchscreen being your map or inventory which makes it simple to switch items using the touchscreen. You can also play on the bottom touchscreen controlling the game with the stylus almost like the mobile version of the game.

Obviously the world is a lot smaller than the console version since its running on a 3DS but it still feels big and is definitely still fun to explore and find treasures. The one thing i disliked was that there is no online multiplayer mode. There is a local multiplayer mode but both players must have a copy of the game.

With that aside I will say in my opinion that this is the best version of Terraria I have played and i have played the PC, Xbox one and mobile versions. So in that case it is definitely a “Buy!” If you have never played Terraria before and are unsure which version to buy i recommend the 3DS version. That does not include the WiiU version because as of this time that version of Terraria is not out yet. It will be available in April 2016. Also, if you already own Terraira and you are not sure if you should buy it again. In my opinion you won’t be let down and you will have fun replaying it on your 3DS. Terraria fits perfectly right at home on the Nintendo 3DS so again, its a Buy!

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