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Shadow Puppeteer Review

by onJanuary 26, 2016

Shadow Puppeteer Wii U Review

Shadow Puppeteer comes out on the Wii U January 28th for only $14.99. We were lucky enough to get early access to the game so we could review it for you. This game first came out a few years back on the PC and is now coming to Nintendo’s Wii U. It is a fun co-op puzzle game that would be great for a parent looking for a game to play with their son or daughter. Shadow Puppeteer has a beautiful art style and great music. Below is a review by GamingDocs. Check it out and find out if the game is a Buy, Bargain Bin, or Bust.

Disclaimer- The game performs better playing off the wii u itself rather than an external hard drive. We have learned this since we noticed some performance issue. Also the developers have said they will be updating the game soon to fix these issues.


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