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Review: Oddworld: New n Tasty for Wii U™

by onFebruary 23, 2016

Review: Oddworld: New n Tasty for Wii U™

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Oddworld: New “N” Tasty is a remake of the Playstation 1 classic. Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey. The Wii U version finally has come to the Eshop while the remake has been out on other platforms since 2014.

I went into this game not really knowing what to expect since i have never played the 1997 original. Oddworld: New “N” Tasty is about a flour waxer named Abe. Abe stumbles across his boss’s secret plan to turn the factory’s slave labor force into a line of novelty meat snacks. Abe now has to save his own skin from the grinders even if simply escaping the flesh farm is only the start of his odyssey.

The game looks great. It was completely remade from the ground up and it shows. The game runs more seamlessly than the original and thats a huge plus in my book and makes the game a lot more enjoyable. The new camera also lets you get a better look at the environment design. With all theses changes it does a good job at keeping the core gameplay of the original 1997 version the same.

Odd world gives a different spin on the platforming genre. Most platforms you focus on destroying enemies to progress, but when controlling Abe around Oddworld you will be doing more sneaking and running away from your enemies rather than destroying them. There is a lot to this game and the puzzle solving is challenging but fun and never seems repetitive.

Abe is fragile and dies after one hit. Like the original you have unlimited lives. But, in this remake you have the option of choosing from three different difficulty levels in which the easiest level you can take two hits before dying.

I thought the game looked fantastic. Also the puzzle solving was fun and not frustratingly difficult. There was times i got frustrated with the controls but it just took some getting use to. The humor in the game made it even more enjoyable. I was constantly smiling. This game is definitely a buy for both veterans of the original and new comers, Oddworld New N Tasty is a great game to add to your Wii U collection.



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