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Review: Infinity Runner for Wii U™

by onMarch 24, 2016

Review: Infinity Runner for Wii U™ By GamingDocs

Check out the video review and written review below. Infinity Runner comes to the Nintendo Eshop March 24. Don’t forget to subscribe to GamingDocs for more reviews and much more.


Infinity Runner hits the Nintendo Eshop March 24, 2016 for only $6.99. The Game is set in space and you control your character in the first person point of view. You are running through to corridors of the largest spaceship ever created by mankind.

I really appreciate the fact this action endless runner actually has a real story. I don’t know how many games like this I’ve played with virtually no story. I could tell that they actually put effort into making it a good story; so, you are not just running and dodging obstacles.

Yes, that is most of the game and it is a simple type of genre but at $6.99, a well-made story and some good visuals it is definitely enough. They story summed up, is that you are a prisoner trying to escape the hostile ship. You befriend a woman who helps guide you through the game.

As said, like mostly runners there are the usual obstacles to dodge but in Infinity Runner there are also guards you must defeat and even a boss battle at the end of the game which adds a little more to this endless runner game. You will also be zip lining and jumping huge gaps. Each stage ends at an elevator that brings you to the next stage. The game has good difficulty progression and also a twist where you become a werewolf. This speeds up the game and makes you invincible against the guards. This does ware off after a short amount of time.

I enjoyed the story and the use of quick time events. I thought the graphics look good too. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this game to everyone but it you are into endless runner type games you should try it out, I think you will love it. So, for $6.99 Infinity Runner is a Buy! Check it out when it hits the Nintendo Eshop March 24, 2016.

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  • Stufa

    This one I like :)
    I’ll be getting this IF it gets an EU release.