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FreezeME Final Look

by onFebruary 18, 2016

GamingDocs Final Look Review of “FreezeME” for the WiiU.

Check out this GamingDocs video to find out our final thoughts on FreezeME for the WiiU. See if its still a “Buy” or if it has become a “Bust”. Check out the video below and subscribe to GamingDocs. Also tell us what you think of the review in the comments below. Keep it locked here at


For more information about the FreezeME, here is our first look video by GamingDocs.

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  • Stufa

    This game is stunning!
    The levels are massive and filled with so much going on. It looks awesome. It really feels like you are wandering around a game world. Something I felt was missing for a long time with all these 2D based platformers.

    I can’t lie, there are a few minor camera issues now and then. But then that was the reason many platformers went back to 2D based.
    I don’t know about you lot, but I want to want to feel immersed in these game worlds. Especially with all this raving about virtual reality nowadays. I don’t just want to play an older style game with prettier visuals (queue arguments, lol).

    Some elements that I loved about the likes of Mario Galaxy and classic RARE games are better in this game IMO.
    Just seeing the massive levels sprawl out and so many different areas and things going on. I could head to one area, but be distracted by so much on the way.

    The humour is spot on too.
    Take the intro. It’s about a minute, if that. And it gets strait to the point. The creators know you just want to get stuck in.

    Anyway, I’ve rambled on plenty enough.
    You want a 3D platformer fix?
    Fed up of waiting for Yooka Laylee?