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Epic Dumpster Bear Review

by onApril 11, 2016

NintendoNuggets and GamingDocs Review of Epic Dumpster Bear for WiiU.

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Epic Dumpster Bear for the Nintendo WiiU By: Log Games.

Epic Dumpster Bear is in the Nintendo Eshop for $10. This game made me laugh. It is a Mario-esque platformer that also takes inspiration from Sonic, with the fast paced platforming. The graphics are not great but that doesn’t really matter to me. I do love the Bears running animation just because it made me laugh. What does matter is the platforming.  The controls are pretty tight so the platforming isn’t bad. The game is packed with content, which is a must for an indie game for $10. I liked how ridiculous the game was, like how the ending to each level is a belly flop on a bull’s-eye. The story behind Epic Dumpster Bear is that an evil corporation destroyed the Bears forest forcing him to eat dumpster food to survive. Now it’s his turn to take out the trash. So the bear sets out to get his revenge. There is a certain charm to this game. I really like the red coin aspect of the game, obviously taking from Mario but that’s fine with me. There’s also some cool puzzle solving in the levels where you move the different colored crates by touching the gamepad. The game gets pretty difficult in the later levels. The level designs are all different and that keeps the game fresh. I will admit I wasn’t expecting much from this game. I was truly surprised and I think this game deserves to be taken seriously. I do think 10 bucks is a little high but honestly if you are looking for a fun platformer, I give this game a Buy!

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