VideoGames…Looking from the outside in.

by onMarch 3, 2015

Video Games have become a ever growing part of our culture. A good number of people are a part the casual market including mobile games like “Angry Birds” or “Temple Run”. These games are often simplistic and take little dedication. But there is a much broader market out there, a more diverse market without “Micro transactions” and “Freemium” structures. This is the world of “Console gaming”

While there is a great population of people who own a game console or maybe a portable gaming device, there is a large number of of people who own nothing other than their mobile phones.How do these people view the larger gaming community? After doing some external research and getting the opinions of more “Casual” consumers we can take a look into how the more “Serious” gamers are viewed. And how their views are right and wrong.

The first opinion that i gathered was that “Gamers are No life losers from their 17’s-late twenties, who will never get a job until they give up such an immature past-time” This seems to be one of the most extreme opinions that i have gathered, BUT it also seems to the  widely accepted stereotype. There are of course Those people who fully live up to these convictions, but they are a vast minority. Most gamers often are juggling a job with a family along with their various hobbies. Teenage gamers often are the most absorbed in the hobby because there is little job opportunities for them and it is a way to let off their pent up emotions.

The next opinion was backed up by multiple people, Their thoughts on video games is that they are just made up of “Mindless shooting and killing”. Which is not entirely a false statement. Most video games do have some extent of violence, whether its shooting a Nazi in the head or jumping on a goomba’s head. But there are the occasional games that take your breathe away by their beauty and experience that need no violence in order to capture your undivided interest.

The next opinion is an issue that i cant really argue against but i felt it would be a shame to leave it out of the article. “Needs more Agriculture” is what was told to me and is something im not sure where to start with. The person in question declined to give more clarification so for the time being i will just go with it. There are many games, with beautiful landscapes and scenery, with animals running Amock and plenty of beauty to absorb. However in comparison to the absolute brown and grey dystopians that most games are set in nowadays there is an absolute lacking in it.

The last opinion i gathered was that “Video Games are not a true art form and have no real capabilities of ever having any meaningful story or anything” Which in answer to this i will simply leave this video here, and see how you feel after watching it all the way through.

So what are your views on this topic? Leave yoru comments below!!

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