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Vegas Prime Retrograde coming to Wii U

by onJanuary 23, 2016

Open Form Games will be bringing Retrograde to the Wii U

Here is a description of the game: Play as COMS operative Clara as you hack your way through the futuristic streets of Vegas Prime. Intercept an unusual message from beyond the futuristic grave, piece together a mysterious data bundle, and infiltrate a corporate facility to seek help decoding the data by an imprisoned AI.

We had an opportunity to have an interview with Open Form Games the Developers of Vegas Prime Retrogade and you can see the interview by clicking Here

This game has received positive and great feedback for their game. This game looks fun especially since it reminds me of the hacking system in Watch Dogs.

Stay tune as We will be bringing you an Exclusive Video for Vegas Prime Retrogade and more. While there is no official Release date the developers are working hard and said it’s very close to release.

Below are some screenshots and we also have a video to show to our viewers.








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  • Stufa

    Interesting looking game.