UCraft Beta is Live!

by onApril 1, 2016

Coming Soon! Happy April 1st :)

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  • Stufa

    Ah ha ha ha…
    The joke’s on you, I like Rick Astl… I HATE YOU!!!

    It’s like that time my Dad told me there was a pound coin in a pile of… Oh you just wait…
    I hope you like Pizza.

    • http://www.nexisgames.com statusphere (NexisGames)

      I just finished nFusion 100% both the Windows App and the Unity Asset are working perfectly! The Beta is coming soon! I havent slept since thursday night!

      • SnOwDeN

        And what about the trailer? Did you forget that? I am eagerly waiting for that trailer… But yeah, you better should sleep some hours.

        I would be really dying innerly if you die like Iwata! Allways remember: Not sleeping for DAYS can kill you faster than you think! I lost my uncle lately to that. So please be aware of your health first. Don`t risk your life that easily for a game. I am waiting for your next news…

        • http://www.nexisgames.com statusphere (NexisGames)

          I’m terribly sorry to hear about your uncle. :( – Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your entire family.

          The trailer is coming soon, I had to finish nFusion before I could move forward with UCraft, and I had to finish Nintendo Nuggets before I could move forward with nFusion.. I am happy to report nFusion is currently in beta!

          This game is really a lot of work, I hope you guys like it – once it’s finally done! Ttailer is coming soon! Thanks for comments!

      • Stufa

        Rest yourselves good sir.
        Did I say good sir? I meant rotters who deserved to be Rick Rolled until they melt.

        In all seriousness, us fans don’t doubt your passion for this project.
        We don’t want it to ware you down. Treat yourselves to a good rest, watch some Rick Astley and unwind.
        Maybe throw out a few pictures to tide us over afterwards?

        I don’t know about SnOwDeN, but I’ve chewed up my keyboard in anticipation. Because I’m just stable like that.

        • http://www.nexisgames.com statusphere (NexisGames)

          Got 7 hrs of sleep, back to the grind! Update coming very soon! I know I keep saying that… Gonna try to have it up by this weekend.

          • Stufa

            I hope all goes well.
            You have said that a few times though, lol.
            Well here’s an incentive. Give us something to feed on or I’ll Rick Roll you.

          • http://www.nexisgames.com statusphere (NexisGames)

            Well you got me there..

            We are currently running the nfusion beta right now, I’ll do my best to get something up soon! I added an amazing feature last night, ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW IT OFF!

          • Stufa

            How about a few screen shots or teasers for your loyal fans?
            I haven’t forgotten about that carrot you were dangling a while back. Some sort of feature you can’t tell us what it is.

            Ok, the carrot thing sounded dodgy.

            Alas, I don’t know much about programming. I managed to type out a space invaders hybrid about 30 years ago, that’s about it.
            Oh, I tell a lie.
            I made a Dead Guy Pinball game on Little Big Planet. It was very… ok I suppose.
            If you do anything with that idea, I won’t begrudge you, lol.
            But this nfusion sounds to be a godsend for budding devs.

            As always I look forward to more info and eventually playing the game.
            Hope all goes well over there.

          • http://www.nexisgames.com statusphere (NexisGames)

            Give me til sunday/monday morning-ish, Ill get something up!

            You got my word!

          • Stufa

            That is most kind sir.
            Have a good weekend.

          • Nexis Games

            Sorry for the delay, had a fire over the weekend that stopped production due to sprinklers and water in the building.

          • Stufa

            I hope everyone is alright.
            Don’t worry about us sir.

          • Nexis Games

            All of my dev equipment/computers are ok but my asus gaming laptop/surround system and Mac are now showing signs of damage. Insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow so they will be replaced

            Aside from that all is well. I’m actually back working right now :)


          • Stufa

            Well, take it easy.
            I hope all goes well.

          • Palliam

            Question: will uCraft have local multiplayer? Or will it be online only?

  • Stufa

    I thought I’d approach you here as it’s likely to be quiet. What with Rick Astley dancing around like a cheesy vampire.

    I have to ask. Will we be seeing U Craft showing up at all?
    In light of Wii U rapidly drying up. I’m wondering if you might have missed a window for some serious influence from the game.
    You might have known that Minecraft was coming to Wii U a while before, but many fans didn’t. I know U Craft could have really capitalised in the absence of such a game.

    Now Minecraft is doing well on Wii U. I’m wondering if many fans will assume U-Craft to be yet another cash in on the craze. Which I know U-Craft is set to be much more.

    Originally I was looking forward to U-Craft as a fusion of so many aspects of gaming rolled into one, for any system.
    Now I see it as a possibly a godsend for a seriously dry release schedule and could possibly gain more recognition.
    But I fear U-Craft will suffer a similar fate to Exhumed on Saturn, Conker’s on N64 and Go Vacation on original Wii.
    Exceptional games that were largely overlooked until after it was too late.

    You lot are more than capable of doing more than what many developers can only dream of. I’m just worried you might have missed it.