Three Amiibo’s Drop in Price!

by onFebruary 26, 2015

Amiibo have quickly become a break out phenomenon, so much that there has been a severe shortage of some of the figures. But some Amiibo arent as popular as those of “Little Mac” and such. However There have been certain Amiibo’s that are overly stocked with very little demand. This includes the Yoshi, Princess Peach, And Donkey Kong Amiibo, and since there is little interest for these three, the prices on them have been reduced to a Suggested Retail price of $9.99.


Amiibo have quickly become a #1 popular item contending with other lines such as skylanders and Disney infinity. But Nintendo has in many peoples minds “Screwed it up” Due to their tendency to understock these popular figures. And could this be a sign that Nintendo Intends to cut down on their “Super Smash Brothers” Amiibo in order to make room for new lines? It would be a smart move for Nintendo since they dont seem to be slowing down on their Amiibo with the new line of “Super Mario Brothers ” Amiibo hitting stores soon.

Will You be picking up one of these Newly priced Amiibo? Leave yout thoughts in the comments below!!

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