Thoughts: Kirby in 3D?

by onMarch 24, 2015

Kirby, the adorable pink puffball that everyone loves, has always had a history of rather simplistic platforms, along with the more out there adventures like the recent “Kirby and the rainbow curse”. But with every title, excluding the popular “Kirby Air ride” Kirby has been restricted to a strictly 2D setting. Never has Kirby ever been controlled in a 3D environment, But should he? The answer is, yes it is time for Kirby to expand his dimensions and make that jump that most of Nintendo’s franchises made long ago.

The idea of a fully fledged 3D kirby game is actually not that far fetched, due to a prototype of said game was being developed for the GameCube but was ultimately canned. Why was it canned? No one knows for certain, but in my mind it would be very hard to translate Kirby from 2D to 3D very well. Kirby’s main mechanic is to make him fly, and bringing that to a 3D plane means the flying ability would have to be cut down and limited. But imagine the platforming possibilities when you mix Kirby’s transformation abilities with the 3d plane!!

There is a whole dimension of possibilities waiting for kirby!!! But will Nintendo ever make the leap?

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