The Pokemon Company Sueing Over 2015 Pre-Pax Pokemon Event

by onAugust 29, 2015

The Pokemon Company has filed a lawsuit against Ruckus Productions’ 5th Annual Unofficial Pokemon PAX Kickoff Party seeking damages, processing fees and other values based on the production companies copyright infringement occuring during promotion of 2015’s Party held by the organization. Ruckus Productions is an independent film and TV production company based in Westminster, MDTickets were sold at US$2 and the court documents indicate just a little over 30 were sold. This means TPC is suing for a bit over US$60 in “lost revenue” atop other charges. Additionally The Pokemon Company is also seeking to disrupt future events and bring the 5 year old party to its end for good as firm measure aimed to protect the value of Pokemon brought forth in years to come.


The case has opened after online promotions (seen above) were spotted in motion by officials throughout various social networks of which used official assets and images of The Pokemon Company’s property whom themselves were not involved within any licensing agreements and giving no permission to Ruckus Productions greenlighting such circulation.



SPOTTED BY: Jarriaga

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