The Bounty:Deluxe Edition PC/Wii U Arcade RPG on GoFundMe

by onNovember 9, 2015



Enter The Bounty:Deluxe Edition.

It’s an arcade RPG heading to Wii U™, PC, Mac, and mobile. You play much like a JRPG (Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, etc.), but with the urgency of an action game. You go through different zones fighting monsters, solving puzzles, evading traps, finding secrets and loot- just to beat the game and get a high score.

The Bounty:Deluxe Edition is unwaveringly old school. No level grinding. No place to hide. Death is permanent. Even saving your game subtracts from your score. Your victory is in your own hands. Develop your own strategies, power your character the way you want to, and eventually conquer the game… if you can.

Remember- there is a secret, a trap, or a monster at every turn. Even the levels, creatures and treasures may not stay the same from play to play. Can you survive The Bounty?

Efficient, and brutal classic turn based battles.

Efficient, and brutal classic turn based battles.


Dungeons are full of tricks, traps, and treasures.

Dungeons are full of tricks, traps, and treasures.

The good news- the game is around 75% complete! We aren’t quite there yet, however.
That’s where the GoFundMe campaign comes in.

The campaign ends at the end of 11/20/15. We need to hit the goal, or as closely as possible, so it’s go time! There are a ton of urgent costs looming. Hardware, software, licensing, services, overhead- you name it; and we need YOUR help!The listed perks include digital versions, limited edition boxed physical copies(PC only), being put into the game as a playable character, and for all, listing in the special thanks.To make this last stretch more fun and interesting, I’m inviting YOU to check out what we’re working on! Progress on The Bounty:Deluxe Edition, the soon to be released Bug Attack!, and even more things in development. Come by (with some call ahead time, of course) for a hands-on, and/or receive behind the scenes vids as we go, whatever you’re into.
It’s a relatively small goal, but we need every bit of help we can get! Every dollar helps and will get you behind the scenes info and your name in the credits, so pitch in and share today!

-Dave Vogt

Project Lead @ The Ludicrous Ones Game Studio

PC Beta Demo available at http://ludicrousda3ve.itch.io/the-bounty-shareware-edition

GoFundMe Link-www.gofundme.com/thebountydeluxe

The Bounty Classic Trailer- https://youtu.be/DToslhGjEas

Deluxe Edition First Look Video- https://youtu.be/ry70OFmRvIE

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