Terraria WiiU Review

by onJune 30, 2016

GamingDocs review of Terraria WiiU.

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Terraria was released for the Wii U on June 16, 2016 in the Nintendo Eshop and has since had a physical release June 28, 2016. Terraria first came to the 3ds late 2015 and if you haven’t already you can check out my review of that game in the link in the description below.

If you don’t know what Terraria is some like to compare it to Minecraft, often calling it a 2D version of Minecraft. But, Terraria is so much more than that. This game has so much more to it. It is an open world 2D sandbox game. Like minecraft you are dropped into a randomly generated world with lost of different biomes. The biomes in terraria are spectacular. There are your normal forrest, snow and desert but then there are also the difficult and scary biomes like the crimson and the corruption. In Terraria you must build a shelter for you and some companions that will live with you who will sell you goods and also who can heal you. Also you mine and collect things to craft different items. The amounts of items you can craft seem endless. One of the most fun things about Terraria is exploring the underground biomes finding chests and other things to help you along your way and also to help with the amazing boss battles.

I could go on about the game Terraria but this is more about the WiiU version. By now you have many different versions to choose from, PC, Mobile, Xbox, Playstation, 3Ds and now WiiU. WiiU like the 3DS has the added benefit of the second touch screen. The developers did a great job adding touch controls into this version, which adds a lot to the game play. This is not just a port of the other console versions of the game. Yes it is still the same Terraria but playing it is more fun and easier on the Wii u.

I’ve played every version of this game and my best experience was with Terraria WiiU. Building with the touch screen is easy and fun to do. Another added benefit from being on the WiiU is Nintendo’s social media app, MiiVerse. MiiVerse makes it much easier to play online because of how simple it is to find other people playing Terraria WiiU. Online Multiplayer is a must and the only thing I thought was wrong with the 3DS version of the game. There is also local multiplayer with the pro-controller. But there is no dual screen multiplayer, where one player has the gamepad screen and the other has the TV. There is however off screenplay only using the gamepad in single player mode.

The big question is, should you buy this game if you have already bought it? Well it really isn’t the same version as the other console versions like Xbox and Play Station. The touch screen really makes everything easier for the better. Has to be better than my previous favorite version, the 3ds version, because of the add online multiplayer. It gave me a whole new experience of Terraria even after I have played it on every platform available. I give it a Buy!

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