TDOTD – Draw the Line [Teaser Trailer of Redemption] Released

by onJanuary 9, 2017

TDOTD – Draw the Line [Teaser Trailer of Redemption] Released


The Low Down

After the online beatdown we received for our latest trailer, we put together a quick teaser trailer just to show you what the game will play like. I would like you all to rest assured, anything related to ‘The Dance’ will be my best work.

Don’t mistake Placeholder Art for actual game art, FPS will improve.

Weapons are placeholders and framerate in this video is not at the desired level. Please be aware that this video is being recorded on the same PC that is rendering the game simultaneously, so some drops are expected.

I am shooting for a solid 30FPS @ 720 for Wii  U, 1080P @ 30/60 FPS for Switch, 1080P @ 60FPS for XBOX ONE and 4k & Beyond for PC. In addition, The Dance of the Damned: Draw the Line will have a special launch day price of $9.99

Your Thoughts

I’d love to hear all of your feedback for the short clip we uploaded today. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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