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Rumor: New Pokemon Leaked?

by Leonelon June 30, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon will be releasing soon on the 3ds but interesting a new rumor has came out below are new pokemon shown however it is being reported that the source is unknown at the moment. What do you think? Do these pokemon look legit? In all honesty these pokemon look legit but there […]

Pokémon Creative Director Killed at Age 42

by Scott Styleson March 16, 2016
“Your legacy will live on through the decades of enjoyment you have given us all” It was recently reported that Eric Medalle – the Creative Design Director at The Pokémon Company International – passed away yesterday afternoon in an accident. According to sources, Medalle was taking his daughter for a Sunday drive through a nearby […]

Pokemon Vs Yo-Kai Watch!

by Scott Styleson November 9, 2015
Pokemon Vs Yo-Kai Watch! In the world of business; where there’s success, there will always be those who wish to capitalize on it. Some say we are guilty of this because of UCraft and Yo-Kai Watch appears to be the newest challenger attempting to overtake Pokemon’s throne. JPRPokeTrainer98 has uploaded a video comparing the two […]

Pokken Tournament adds Dark Mewtwo

by Scott Styleson October 31, 2015
Pokken Tournament adds Dark Mewtwo Say hello to Dark Mewtwo, a newly added boss in the upcoming fighting game Pokken Tournament for Wii U™. You can see the new character in action in the video above this post. Source: Nintendo Everything  


The Pokémon Company is Suing the Planner of a Pokémon-Themed Party for $4,000

by Scott Styleson October 4, 2015
The Pokémon Company is Suing the Planner of a Pokémon-Themed Party for $4,000 Ramar Larkin Jones planned to throw a Pokémon-themed party to kick off PAX (as he has the previous four years), but plans changed when he received noticed that The Pokémon Company had filed a lawsuit against him. Jones used images of Pokémon in fliers and Facebook […]


The Pokemon Company Sueing Over 2015 Pre-Pax Pokemon Event

by Randy Freer (Banned)on August 29, 2015
The Pokemon Company has filed a lawsuit against Ruckus Productions’ 5th Annual Unofficial Pokemon PAX Kickoff Party seeking damages, processing fees and other values based on the production companies copyright infringement occuring during promotion of 2015’s Party held by the organization. Ruckus Productions is an independent film and TV production company based in Westminster, MD. Tickets were sold at […]

Something Bigger Than Pokken Tournament Coming To Series In 2016!

by Randy Freer (Banned)on August 28, 2015
In a recent discussion at NWR Marketing Director at Pokémon was approached regarding the series imminent 20th anniversary of which is celebrating next year in 2016. Below are some interesting teases inside an excerpt from that discussion: NWR: 20 years. February 27th, 2016. What kind of plans you got, other than Pokkén Tournament? JS: [Laughs] Wish I […]

NEW: Pokken Tournament Coming To NA WiiU Spring 2016 [VIDEO]

by Randy Freer (Banned)on August 21, 2015
New Images:   3 Hours of Pokken Tournament Gameplay: