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by Leonelon June 17, 2016
IGN had the opportunity to speak to Mr Miyamoto and Mr Aonuma on the decision on why Zelda: Breath of the wild is coming to both Wii U and NX Here is Mr Miyamoto response to this “It’s complicated because as we’re developing this — obviously development of NX started a while ago — and […]

Rumor: Tekken 7 possibly coming to the Nintendo NX

by Scott Styleson October 29, 2015
Rumor: Tekken 7 possibly coming to the Nintendo NX With great power, come great games and perhaps one of the greatest fighting games of all time just received a brand spanking new trailer earlier today. Tekken 7 will be the ninth installment in the franchise and the game will be developed using Unreal Engine. While […]

PS4 Developers To Move To NX From Nintendo [JAPAN]

by Randy Freer (Banned)on September 28, 2015
In an Famitsu published interview with PS4 developer Spike Chunsoft’s President and CEO Mitsutoshi Sakurai Nintendo’s platform codename NX being “fully” supported is confirmed and scheduled by studio head (see excerpt below):   “For stationary consoles, we’ll focus on PlayStation 4. After, Nintendo’s new hardware, the NX. I would also like to start fully working […]

Nintendo Patent Haptic Next Gen Screen Feedback Likely For QOL

by Randy Freer (Banned)on September 18, 2015
New patents have surfaced showing engineers working at Nintendo maintain interest in Haptic Technology. Touchscreens implanted with software controlled motors react to user interactions by the integrated motor’s act of spinning and moving which both capable of raising up or sinking down. A weight attached to shaft of motor create numerous vibration frequencies returning feedback to the […]


NEW Nintendo Patent Reveals Mysterious Handheld With Rotary Shoulder Buttons

by Randy Freer (Banned)on September 17, 2015
A newly published Nintendo Patent was uncovered by user Disorientator on Neogaf and upon inspection the documents seems to describe complete with illustration that this device has been equipped with new innovative ‘rotary shoulder buttons’ (similar to the scroll wheel on a computer mouse). Below are some of the official graphics and descriptions sourced inside the filing:     “An example operation apparatus includes: a […]

Pokemon GO Mobile To Connect With Future Mainline PKMN Entries

by Randy Freer (Banned)on September 12, 2015
Below is an excerpt from conversation with Junichi Masuda:   “I’m hard at work alongside Niantic to bring out the untapped possibilities of Pokémon, and in order to do so, we’re not limiting ourselves to adhering to the traditional conventions of Pokémon. Of course, at the same time, I’m also thinking up ways that this […]


Pokemon Company Press Conference New Business Strategy [LIVE STREAM]

by Randy Freer (Banned)on September 10, 2015
The press conference started at 15:00 JST today (11 p.m. Pacific time, 2 a.m. Eastern) NicoNico page stated  that “new company partnerships” would be part of the presentation.

More Surprises Like Federation Force & Happy Home Designer To Be Celebrated Into 2016 According To Miyamoto

by Randy Freer (Banned)on September 8, 2015
It is no secret that the first official Metroid title canon to Prime series set to release on 3DS is not the balls deep experience gamers anticipated in this ongoing and rather painful drought since spreading effectively leaving Nintendo’s core increasingly thirsty for true next generation presentations within Metroid’s (Western) mainline offerings from inside the Big N. Certain itches just cannot […]


Shigeru Miyamoto Reconfirms Mario Galaxy 3 Is Not For WiiU

by Randy Freer (Banned)on September 7, 2015
In a recent interview the future of the Mario Galaxy series was a hot topic and Miyamoto didn’t hesitate in illustrating the magnitude of the Italian plumber and the great deal of consideration that comes with new hardware in his years to come:   A new Mario Galaxy is always in discussion. But even with […]