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Nintendo promised big news this year at E3 and here it is!

by Scott Styleson April 28, 2017
Nintendo promised big news this year at E3 and here it is! And, it’s gone! Contrary to recent statements made by Nintendo, the company confirmed, they will not be hosting a traditional E3 press conference this year, but instead, will release details on their plans at a later date. Given the unforeseen success of the Switch, we […]

The Legend of Zelda gets an Offical Chess set

by Scott Styleson April 23, 2017
The Legend of Zelda gets an Offical Chess set The skinny If you happen to be a chess player, love Zelda and still have 75.00 laying around after purchasing your switch, your in luck as Nintendo has officially just released a Legend of Zelda Chess set. The set features the games patterned black and gold […]

Nintendo Issues Cease & Desist for #PokemonPrism Days before it’s launch

by Scott Styleson December 21, 2016
Nintendo Issues Cease & Desist for Pokemon Prism Days before it’s launch The Details: As you many of you may have heard by now,, Pokemon Prism is a Fan Project based and Sun and Moon that’s managed to attract quite a bit of attention from Pokethusiasts. It’s not surprising this title caught The Big N’s […]

Criminals using fake Pokemon Go Beacons to commit robbery

by Scott Styleson July 10, 2016
Robbers using fake PokemonGo Beacons to target victims A real-life team rocket emerges but it’s not Pikachu they’re after.  Pokemon Go launched in the US this week and has been a hit with gamers and pokethusiast across the nation. Unfortunately, enthusiastic trainers are not the only one’s eager to take advantage of Nintendo’s latest and greatest mobile software, […]

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Draw the Line nears completion

by Scott Styleson June 29, 2016
Draw the Line nears completion This has been a side project of ours for close to a year and we are happy to report that development is entering it’s final stages and we hope to have the title submitted to Nintendo in the upcoming weeks.  We apologize for keeping its development a secret, however, it […]

Nexis Games release schedule and cancellations

by Scott Styleson June 20, 2016
Nexis Games release schedule and cancellations Decisions, Decisions… We have revised the Nexis Games software release schedule to more accurately reflect realistic dates for our upcoming titles. We apologize for taking so long to deliver this information, however, before preparing a public list, a lot of thought was put into this subject  because it directly affects […]

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Reveal: Draw The Line is headed to the Wii U™

by Scott Styleson May 25, 2016
Reveal: Draw The Line is headed to the Wii U™ Every few months Playstation and Xbox owners find themselves welcomed with a new Call of Duty or a Call of Duty-esque title while Nintendo owners are forgotten and left out in the cold. Lucky for us, Nintendo saw opportunity in this, stepped in and opened its doors to […]

Review: Super Mario Maker

by Cas Lushon January 17, 2016
Review: Super Mario Maker Check out this review of Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo Wii U  by GamingDocs and While you’re at it subscribe to the GamingDocs youtube channel for new gaming docs every week and check out the 7 part History of Mario Series there now.


#Mario64 Gets a Unreal Makeover

by Scott Styleson January 11, 2016
Inside Peach’s castle – Unreal Engine 4 The above video you have the opportunity to take a look at what could be, if Nintendo decided to take a non-tradition approach with one of their most beloved creations. Thanks to the epic work of Jake Christopher, we can now see what a remastered Mario64 could be […]