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Nintendo Switch Back In Stock At Toys ‘R Us For Mario Kart 8 Launch

by statusphereon April 26, 2017
Nintendo Switch Will Be Back In Stock At Toys ‘R Us For Mario Kart 8 Launch If you want a Switch, it’s time to go to war The Nintendo Switch has been a hot commode since its inception and those who currently own the console either pre-ordered it or went through great lengths to secure it.  Luckily, […]

GameStop Tried To Pull A Fast One On Us

by Scott Styleson April 25, 2017
GameStop is selling Extended Switch warranties on false information Fake News hits retail locations March 3rd, 2017 is a day that many Nintendo loyalist will never forget as it marks the birthdate of Nintendo’s latest and great console known as the Nintendo Switch. The system’s popularity took the world by storm and as a result of […]


Why The Rainway app won’t happen for the Nintendo Switch

by Scott Styleson April 24, 2017
Why The Rainway app won’t happen for the Nintendo Switch Don’t believe everything you read Truth doesn’t get hits but we would never let hits dictate the validity of the information we share with our readers. That said, we’ve seen several articles all over the internet spouting this magical piece of software that will allow streaming […]
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Zelda vs Horizon Zero Dawn comparison

by Scott Styleson April 23, 2017
Zelda vs Horizon Zero Dawn comparison Nitendoians are back in the game Console wars are a time old tradition, that was initially sparked and passed down by the Pioneer companies Sega and Nintendo back in the early 90’s and remains an honored tradition for all to this day. While many gamers choose to game on […]


Real Remote Bombs are a thing and they look fantastic.

by statusphereon April 22, 2017
Real Life Remote Bombs are a thing and they look fantastic. Ka-BooM! Earlier today, a fan posted a real-life ‘semi’ working replica of the remote bomb from The Legend of Zelda: A breath of the Wild. We recommend not using this after coming from the bar. The pictures, along with the original twitter post can be found below, […]

Nintendo Switch: Get a Dock for Your Dock

by Scott Styleson March 24, 2017
Nintendo Switch: Get a Dock for Your Dock Nintendo Switch Hardware issues As with any new console, the Nintendo Switch is reportedly to be causing issues for an unknown percentage of consumers. We’ve done our own research into this issue and found that while problems do exist, the number of defective units appear to be […]


Fans petition Nintendo to port Super Smash Bros 4 to Switch

by statusphereon March 23, 2017
Fans petition Nintendo to port Super Smash Bros 4 to Switch ‘a few of’ The people have spoken and they want “Super Smash Bros 4 Deluxe” Over the years, has become a platform for gaming enthusiast to ensure their voices heard by the powers that be. Earlier today we learned, a few dedicated Smash fans […]

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Review

by Mohammad Aufiandrisyaon March 20, 2017
“Retro Inspired” is a phrase all too common nowadays, especially in the indie space. Very rarely does the combination of a game and retro inspired result in something beautifully well crafted such as the original Shovel Knight. The original was a very well made game, it didn’t  just rely on nostalgia to get your money. […]

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Tinertia possibly heading to the Nintendo Switch

by statusphereon February 17, 2017
Tinertia possibly heading to the Switch Candescent Games is ready to Switch it up In a response to a tweet, Candescent Games expressed interest in possibly bringing the 2D platforming masterpiece ‘Tinertia’ to the Nintendo Switch and the studio has already taken the first step towards making this a reality. While development for Nintendo’s upcomning platform has not […]