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Nexis Games and Nintendo Nuggets now offering Free Music for indie developers

by Scott Styleson March 2, 2016
Nexis Games and Nintendo Nuggets now offering Free Music for indie developers Over the past 2 decades we have been working on music production and during this time we have managed to accumulate a massive library of original work. As a gift to our fellow developers and in an attempt to make the indie scene […]

Response to Epic Minds (The Guy who stole 73k on Kickstarter)

by Scott Styleson November 5, 2015
Response to Midora (Epic Minds) Regardless of what you say about us, we are not the ones who ”knowingly” started a Kickstarter campaign for an amount substantially less than what was needed to complete a project and basically stole 73k from our fans. I find it hard to believe you have the audacity to use […]


Tribute to NintendoLife, Thank you from NintendoNuggets!

by Scott Styleson July 21, 2015
To NintendoLife Truth is, we really do admire and respect you guys for everything you have done for the gaming community. So today, we wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you for being such good sports and taking it all in stride. Cheers to your entire staff and we wish you many […]


Wii U: Cube Life Admitts Title Fails To Compare To Ucraft, Requests Community Alert

by Quintus Miramaron June 15, 2015
A portion of thrilling a conversation between developers and Nintendo Life: TP: UCRAFT is the only title with an infinite world generator. You can walk for years and years and never reach an end in UCraft. NL: Sounds like a right hoot. NG: UCraft does in fact have infinite worlds. The limits of the game are only […]

UCraft [ CraftyKart PowerPack ] Footage Revealed

by Scott Styleson June 12, 2015
Hot of the press is a new video from Nexis Games showcasing their latest developments in the upcoming title UCraft. According to Nexis, this trailer is intended to showcase the power and expandability of the UCraft engine and CraftyKart is just one of the many PowerPacks headed to the World of UCraft. You can watch […]



by Randy Freer (Banned)on May 16, 2015
THIS ARTICLE WILL BE HEAVILY UPDATED AS E3 APPROACHES Bethesda: June 14 @ 7pm PT WATCH BETHESDA TWITCH Microsoft: June 15 @9:30am PT WATCH XBOX Sony: June 15 @ 6pm PT WATCH PLAYSTATION Square Enix: June 16 @ 10am PT WATCH SQUEENIX YOUTUBE, TWITCH Smash Bros Direct Sunday at 7:40AM PDT Nintendo World Championships 2015: Sunday […]

Famed Collector Spends 4K On Amiibo ★ $35K On Reserve ★ ORGINAL|NTERVIEW

by Randy Freer (Banned)on February 16, 2015
MARIOTEHPLUMBER ORIGINAL 2014 INTERVIEW (NECROPOSTED IN PREPARATION OF FEB17) Last year I interviewed a famous online figure “MarioTehPlumber” as part of a experimental series of specialized Amiibo collector interviews that were aimed to explore the market and the mindset behind the Amiibo craze and whether the future of the platform was given any thought to at all by the […]


KOS-MOS Amiibo Possibly Coming To Project Treasure & Xenoblade Chronicles X [WiiU]

by Randy Freer (Banned)on January 16, 2015
KOS-MOS is a main character from the Xenosaga series and in Japan Bandai has released a variety of figures and figurines of KOS-MOS most notably the limited edition of Xenosaga: Episode II’s included figurine. Appearances in games include Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings & The Lost Ocean, Project X Zone, Namco x Capcom, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier […]