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2017-01-18 (2)
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Draw the Line: New Screens & Teaser Trailer

by Scott Styleson January 19, 2017
Progress Report – [1/19/2017] – New Screens + Small Battle Clip from Draw the Line So things are progressing very nicely with our upcoming title ‘TDOTD: Draw the Line’ and we have made quite a bit of progress since our last post.  Some of the most significant changes are improved lighting, better asset handling/pooling for improved […]
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TDOTD – Draw the Line [Teaser Trailer of Redemption] Released

by Scott Styleson January 9, 2017
TDOTD – Draw the Line [Teaser Trailer of Redemption] Released The Low Down After the online beatdown we received for our latest trailer, we put together a quick teaser trailer just to show you what the game will play like. I would like you all to rest assured, anything related to ‘The Dance’ will be […]


Nexis Games response to TDOTD: Draw the Line Community Outrage

by Scott Styleson January 6, 2017
Response from Nexis Games Nothing brings the gaming community together more than a ‘good ole’ bash session for devs who the community feels could be doing better and Nexis Games was at the top of the list. As many of you know, we got our asses handed to us this morning, and to be perfectly honest, we […]
2016-06-26 (21)
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Draw the Line: New Footage Released

by Scott Styleson January 5, 2017
Draw the Line: New Footage Released Progress Report Today I am happy to report that Draw the Line is one step closer to being complete and to showcase the progress of the project, I have uploaded a short clip. While there is a decent amount of footage in the video, unfortunately, I did not get […]

Updates coming soon for Draw the Line and UCraft

by Scott Styleson December 21, 2016
Draw the Line and UCraft updates to come shortly What’s The Deal? Well, I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted here, but I’m happy to report after a short hiatus, I have at last returned to my little slice of heaven.  I want you all to know, my absence has not […]

‘I’ll be back in 2 weeks!’ #NexisGames

by Scott Styleson September 24, 2016
Hi Guys n Gals I’ve been working on a secret project for a few clients  and development has f inally come to an end. While I can’t release any details at the moment, I can say that I hope to return to full-time game development in 2 weeks. I’m also happy to report, nFusion’s client/server […]

2016-07-05 (19)

Draw the Line gets an M rating from the ESRB

by Scott Styleson July 9, 2016
Draw the Line gets an M rating from the ESRB Set sail for the Nintendo eShop! As development for our upcoming title ‘Draw the Line’ nears completion, we are taking the final steps necessary to secure a smooth path to the Nintendo eShop. That said, the title has officially been rated by the ESRB and was given […]

Nexis Games release schedule and cancellations

by Scott Styleson June 20, 2016
Nexis Games release schedule and cancellations Decisions, Decisions… We have revised the Nexis Games software release schedule to more accurately reflect realistic dates for our upcoming titles. We apologize for taking so long to deliver this information, however, before preparing a public list, a lot of thought was put into this subject  because it directly affects […]


nFusion Beta 1.05 – Control your Game from Windows

by Scott Styleson April 16, 2016
nFusion 1.0 Documentation “Experience the power if the cloud” Powered by Nintendo Nuggets, Introduction to nFusion™ – Control your game(s) from Windows! The nFusion Framework is a service we designed that provides developers the ability to trigger and manipulate real-time events in their game, even after they are compiled and in production. While the nFusion Framework was […]