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Shin Megami Tensei #FE Gets a New Trailer

by Scott Styleson October 30, 2015
Yet another character trailer has been released revealing a new character in the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover. In the trailer above, you’ll get a look at Toma Akagi. Check it out! source: Nintendo Everything  

Interview: Genei Ibun Roku talks about the appearances of Fire Emblem characters

by Scott Styleson October 26, 2015
Over on the Genei Ibun Roku #FE website, directors Mitsuru Hirata and Eiji Ishida answered a few questions. Topics include the important of music and entertainment in the game, how the Fire Emblem characters look (including Chrom), and more. All translations come courtesy of On the role of music/entertainment in the game… Hirata: It’s […]



by Randy Freer (Banned)on June 30, 2015
DETAILS – Intelligent Systems and Nintendo will hold special concerts on July 24th and 25th – also hosting a talk-show (with various voice actors from the series, Masahiro Sakurai himself, and some developers) – showcasing a mini-drama – concerts will feature all sorts of merchandise, some exclusive to the events – merchandise includes: – a […]

Get Gay Married In Fire Emblem & Wear A Dress As Link In Zelda? Nintendo Explains!

by Randy Freer (Banned)on June 25, 2015
  In a statement to Polygon regarding the newest Fire Emblem iteration to land on Nintendo 3DS the Japanese hardware and software designer has illustrated the companies shift away from more traditional ideology in the hopes of adapting to our everyday evolving world when it comes to sexuality and same sex marriage: ” We can […]


Codename Steam IMPRESSIONS

by Jaun Lopezon February 25, 2015
Codename S.T.E.A.M Is Nintendo’s Next IP for its 3ds Handheld Systems Brought to us by “Intelligent Systems”. Recently a Demo for the game released which gives us an idea on how the game will be. The game is set in “Steam Punk Victorian London” starring important people from U.S history and literature, From the Impressive […]

Thoughts: Fire Emblem Dancers, Yay or nay?

Thoughts: Fire Emblem Dancers, Yay or nay?

by statusphereon December 28, 2014
Nintendo is a company who has made games from “Platformer” to “Rpg” but one genre they are lacking on is the “Dancing” category! But one user at “IGN” feels they have the answer, hit the jump to read more!