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Bigley’s Revenge was pulled by developer due to an ESRB Rating

by Scott Styleson January 17, 2016
Bigley’s Revenge was pulled by developer due to an ESRB Rating Despite speculation hinting that “Bigley’s Revenge” might have been removed from the eShop due to copyright violation/trademark infringement; the truth of the matter is, the title was pulled by NinjaPig studios due to an invalid ESRB rating. The studio has openly stated the title will return to the […]
The Bounty: Deluxe Edition
Arcade RPG coming to Wii U™, PC, Mac, and mobile Q12016

The Bounty:Deluxe Edition PC/Wii U Arcade RPG on GoFundMe

by Dave Vogton November 9, 2015
    Enter The Bounty:Deluxe Edition. It’s an arcade RPG heading to Wii U™, PC, Mac, and mobile. You play much like a JRPG (Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, etc.), but with the urgency of an action game. You go through different zones fighting monsters, solving puzzles, evading traps, finding secrets and loot- just to beat […]


Nintendo Download Highlights New Digital Content for Nintendo Systems – Oct. 29, 2015

by Scott Styleson October 30, 2015
This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content: Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS Free Demo for The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes – Get the free demo and team up with two friends* to tackle a tricky dungeon via local play anytime! Heroes will just need their own Nintendo 3DS system, along with […]

ESRB ranks Bonk’s Adventure for Wii U

by Scott Styleson October 20, 2015
Oh Happy Days! Bonk’s Adventure recently popped up on the ESRB as a Wii U™ title. Given previous listings, this could be a sign of plans to bring the game to the North American eShop as a Virtual Console title. While no official date has been given, many have speculated that we could see the […]



by Randy Freer (Banned)on October 17, 2015
OFFICIAL SDK PAINT AOC RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED! ATTENTION EUROPE, AUSTRALIA & OCEANIA! NEW SDK PAINT v3 UPDATE will push to your Wii U automatically with new features this week complete with UCRAFT TEMPLATES AND PIXEL BRUSH! There is also special new Add On Content which I will detail for the WiiU SDK Community below: Included […]


by Randy Freer (Banned)on October 14, 2015
Later this year going down is a lil doozy known as the Ohio Game Dev Expo 2015 which celebrates annually and located in Columbus Ohio.  NOVEMBER 6TH – 8TH 2015 The busy Nintendo licensed independents or “Nindies” nationwide lucky enough having secured their booths earlier in this years registration naturally begin in the promotion of […]


Wavedash Games – New Studio Focused On Competitive Smash-like Games?

by Randy Freer (Banned)on October 9, 2015
A new software development studio has opened an official website confirming the staff is in pre-development of new online multiplayer game and is seeking support in building their community. Coming from the official home of the developer Waivedash details of the invitation found below:   We’re an eSports-focused game studio dedicated to making the next […]

RPG MAKER MV Software Coming To WiiU

by Randy Freer (Banned)on October 2, 2015
    RPG Maker MV has announced the newest title in series supports Javascript exporting and HTML5 exporting. Its currently assumed not exactly specialized specifically for Nintendo Web Framework (purely based off various other offerings available to web developers today) so there’s a big potential sacrifice off the top for enthusiasts to consider. Studios already […]


RUMOR: Smash Bros 4 Shovel Knight & Runbow Leak [IMAGES]

by Randy Freer (Banned)on September 23, 2015
Included in a 4chan leak is a new stage themed after Runbow, and new playable brawler Shovel Knight (whom other rumors have been hyping recently. A list of upcoming Mii costumes is also as follows: Shantae Krystal Waluigi (Overalls Only) Ice Climber (Male is Popo, female is Nana) Chibi Robo Magnus Kumatora Maked Man Pokemon Trainer (Male […]