Swap Fire In Upcoming First-Person Shooter Headed To Wii U eShop

by onJanuary 29, 2016

Hey Everyone, Today we have news about an upcoming WII U Eshop games, Swapfire which is a first person shooter and we leave you with some details

Couch-Multiplayer/Puzzle-FPS for Nintendo Wii U.

Shooting your opponent opens up a wormhole which swaps your positions. Oust him off the edge in Drop Zone or dominate the map in Control Point. Sharpen your skills in Story Mode or go for gold in Soccer. Whatever your goal, be ever mindful of your spacetime…

“Welcome to Swap Fire, the wild game of predictive skill. Tonight, our teenage contestants will be using the latest technology from Retro Quantum Industries (RQI) to teleport each other around in this very arena using the same method that powers our unique line of consumer grade personal teleporters. The technology is completely safe and reliable! Just ask Justin, last year’s Swap Fire valedictorian.”



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  • Stufa

    You didn’t expect to see me here did you.

    Good to see more originality in a shooter. A feature I’m begging for is 4 player, split screen. You don’t see much of those now do you?
    It looks interesting regardless, but that’s a feature that’s about top of my list for a shooter now.

    • Leonel

      Hopefully we get a few more shoorters on the way. This game definitely has an interesting concept since it is using the wii mote.

      • Stufa

        It is good to see new ideas being tried out. There was Screen Cheat on X1 that puts a twist on the 4 player split screen concept.
        There’s Gunscape that’s rumoured to appear on Wii U.
        That’s more like it IMO.
        So I’ll be keeping an eye on Swap Fire.

        • TheChosen

          Theres also Bizerta Silent Evil – and “Chasing Dead” on the Way to WiiU. Both are horror-shooters. But i think they will both be normal shooters in the end, since you know…Horror today (Real, pure Horror) is pretty niche.

          • Stufa

            For an online shooter, it doesn’t get better than Splatoon. If it does, that’s a good thing.
            For offline multiplayer, it’s still Time Splitters 2/3 and Battlefront 2 (xbox).
            Although Wii U has some nice alternatives.

            Yeah the modern horror thing is getting a bit stale. There was that two player indie game on Wii U that did a better job IMO. Sanatory Hallways or something?