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Sources Suggest #NintendoSwitch will not be a powerhouse.

by onDecember 23, 2016

Sources Suggest Nintendo Switch will not be a powerhouse.



The internet has been buzzing the past few quarters over Nintendo’s upcoming Hybrid gaming console known as the Nintendo Switch. Until recently, Nintendian faithful flooded forums and message boards full of hope and speculation about everything from the possibility of FK rendering to 1 Terabit hard drives to name a few. only a few select high profile studios gaming access to the early hardware, combined with, Nintendo’s decision to keep a firm lip about any and everything relating to the project, it’s not surprising that Fans of the company would come to their own conclusions of what will be available on the platform.

An insider spilled the beans (well… mushrooms in this case)


Will the Switch pack enough power to keep 3rd party support?

Among the studios, Nintendo deemed worthy enough to experience and develop for the Switch platform in its early stages, several undisclosed sources are reporting, despite our enthusiastic hopes, the Nintendo NX will not compete with current generation consoles that are currently available for purchase.

Learning from history

Many attribute the failure of the Wii U to its lack of graphical performance. It’s a known fact, Nintendo doesn’t need a lot of power to make great games, sadly, many feel 3rd party studios do not share the same dedication to the hardware, and thus, many projects never make it to Nintendo platforms as a result.

Will you be buying the Switch

Is computing power a deciding factor for your purchase of the Nintendo Switch Console, as always, share your thoughts in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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    another guy thinking that NS is a home console, meh!
    fail journalism!