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Welcome to the Nintendo Nuggets Marketplace, here you will find links to the hottest deals and bargains we can find online. As it stands, our storefront  is extremly barebones but rest assured that I will improve it over time. In addition, I will do my best to it update it as frequently as possible to ensure you all have the best deals from trusted retailers.

Games – Wii U™

Cover,Title,Price, Platform

, Zelda U, $59.99, Wii U™
,Pokken Tournament, $59.99, Wii U™

, Wii U™ Splatoon & Mariokart 8 Bundle, $369.00, Wii U™


, Twilight Princess HD,$59.99, Wii U™


, Super Mario Maker, $55.28,Wii U™


, New Super Luigi U,$54.99, Wii U™


, Super Smash Bros,$50.99,Wii U™


,Devil’s Third, $59.99,Wii U™


,Xenoblade Chronicles X,$59.99,Wii U™


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