Rumor: NX Getting Wii U Ports

by onApril 10, 2016

Here is another rumor going around it sounds like the NX wiil be getting Wii U ports which include the legend of zelda for wii u. The fact that they are getting ports make me assume the NX will not be backward compatible but if that’s the case well see how things go.There has been rumored games such as Splatoon, Smash bros, Xenoblade Chronicles X but we will see how things go in the next few days. Things are getting very interesting as E3 is in around 2 months and with so many rumors it sounds like some are more likely especially since emily roger has said info about the legend of zelda yesterday her info sounds more reliable. As always take it with a grain of salt but i give credit where it’s due and Emily was right about Paper Mario for Wii U so she is a reliable source.

I hope nintendo does a cross buy promotion like what the 360 and ps3 were getting and with the next generation console ps4 and Xbone it seem brilliant.

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  • Stufa

    It’d be awesome NX getting Splatoon. Xenoblade X too (not to mention other Wii U, gold titles).
    Splatoon could prolong it’s online support. And it would be a shame to waste all that work on Xenoblade.

    Perhaps you could get U Craft on there too?

    • http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0001501/bio Khan Noonien

      I guess the lasted tittles will be in NX, I’m guessing Splattoon, Xeno and more will be more Nintendo Select

      • Stufa

        Nintendo select?

        • http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0001501/bio Khan Noonien

          Yeah I guess or maybe sime remastred “HD”