Rumor: EA had NX development kits for a while and other information

by onFebruary 23, 2016


Seems that Robertson has tweeted about Nintendo and EA. Interesting that EA has NX development kit for a while and and Next month Nintendo and EA will have meetings to discuss and see what nintendo plans to do to win the Sport audience. There is an article based on all this Here but i will give a rundown of the details on the article.

  • Info come from Several EA staff members
  • EA was one of the first publishers to have an NX development kit
  • Nintendo is citing EA as a key ally when it comes to making its next console a success
  • multiple meetings are lined up for March
  • meetings will apparently decide how much support EA – or specifically, its EA Sports arm – will be giving Nintendo in the near future
  • EA “wants a detailed plan” on how Nintendo intends to win over sports fans with NX hardware
  • EA is keen to learn how Nintendo intends to build up a large enough “sports” audience on NX
  • EA is asking Nintendo to spend more advertising dollars during televised sporting events like NFL games, NBA games, MLB games, World Cup matches and the World Series in order to claim this audience
  • Asking Nintendo to consider shipping NX consoles with leading EA Sports titles, such as FIFA and Madden
  • EA exec “criticized Wii U for not having entertainment apps for MLB.TV, NBA, WWE Network, NHL Gamecenter Live, and the NFL, Hope to see NX have these apps or similar to them.


This is quite a number of information given and seeing robertson does have good credible, While this is a rumor only time will tell if this is all true. Based on the information given here it sounds more than true and Nintendo will have to shape new ways in order to keep support from EA.



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