Rive: Ultimate Edition Review

by onDecember 1, 2017

Rive: Ultimate Edition is a 2D side-scroller shooter that came out 2 weeks ago and all I have to say is that this game is amazing! No doubt that there is always action happening left and right and it feels like amazing. This game was originally going to released on the wii u but after some difficulties the game got passed over to the Nintendo Switch. While their isn’t much to the story we came are here to enjoy this twin stick shooter for it’s core game play and it promises. You play in a spider tank while journeying the galaxy and collecting scraps of metals from enemies you destroy. Journey through levels while fighting a a number of enemies coming at you all together which will give you a challenge. The game is easy to control once you get the hang of it and everything that goes on but there are moments when you will have to retry a level till you master it. There were a number of levels I had to retry simply because either was close to passing a stage but got killed or the challenge was a bit too much and had to try and figure a way to master it. You can upgrade your player while going through levels to make your spider monkey powerful and obtain new attacks all sorts of things. This would really help through the game since the levels tend to get a bit more difficult but you should be able to pass them with some training. What makes Rive: ultimate Edition more special is because you get that joy of taking the game on the go so the action feels like it never ends. The gameplay while both docked and undocked feel the same with it’s smooth gameplay and not much differences can be made so that should give someone a good idea why whether you are someone who plays in front a tv or like their games on the go the game is the same.

Now the real question comes to if Rive: Ultimate Edition is worth buying on the Nintendo Eshop and to answer that question that is a big yes! Nowadays we are getting so many indie game on the eshop and all have something different to offer but with rive you are getting a game where you are always in action with challenges. Rive may not have much story but like I mentioned before we look at the core gameplay and it was definitely fun.So if you want action then pick this twin stick shooter which will bring you a ton of fun and no doubt you will enjoy it.

If you are a gamer that loves a great challenge and wants to go on a non stop action journey then look no further and pick up Rive.

My overall score for Rive: Ultimate Edition is a solid 8/10

I like to thank two tribes for the review code and congratulate them on a job well done with this game.

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