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Why The Rainway app won’t happen for the Nintendo Switch

by onApril 24, 2017

Why The Rainway app won’t happen for the Nintendo Switch


Don’t believe everything you read

Truth doesn’t get hits but we would never let hits dictate the validity of the information we share with our readers. That said, we’ve seen several articles all over the internet spouting this magical piece of software that will allow streaming of PC games to any device. We hate to always be the voice of reason when it comes to things like this but things are starting to get a bit out of hand. Without going into the types of things ‘normally’ allowed on the eShop, very little investigative journalism, combined with a little common sense should provide much-needed insight into this situation.

If you visit the developer’s website, you will notice, despite promises of Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles, no company logos are present. This is a clear indication that the company doesn’t have rights to use the logos in association with this product because no discussions are taking place about his/her product. If a Beta was scheduled for next month, he would have been approved for asset usage by now.


The developer promises 60FPS no lag streaming for all games while Microsoft, hardware creator and software engineer can’t manage to pull this off on their own hardware without a 0.3 – .07 input lag depending on settings.

Does the developer have Dev-kits and/or knowledge of the SDK’s he will need? All we’ve seen from him is Borderless Gaming and this is a windows application. Unfortunately, despite all the articles stating: this is happening, all signs point this to being a android/ios/wp app.

This will not happen on the Switch.

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  • Nintendo Limited Net

    I hope this happens cause i would like to stream my switch games on the console.