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Review: Explody Bomb

by onSeptember 12, 2015

Review: Explody Bomb



Explody Bomb is the latest 2d endless runner to make its way to the Nintendo eShop. The objective of the game is for players to avoid obstacles for as long as possible to get the highest score they can. Unlike its predecessors, Explody Bomb manages to take the endless runner formula to the next level by adding a new degree of difficulty to the mix. In Explody Bomb, players not only have to avoid obstacles on the TV, but also, a completely different set of obstacles simultaneously on the Wii U™ Gamepad . The game is extremely challenging, some-what addictive and is one of the 1st Wii U™ titles to utilize the Wii U™ Gamepad in this way.

1st Impressions

While Explody Bomb does bring new and innovative ideas to the table, it does so in a very unappealing way.  Aside from having no music, one of the biggest drawbacks of the game is the provided level of difficulty. It’s worth mentioning  that players who choose to undergo this incredibly difficult journey, will be limited to MiiVerse if they wish to share their experience online – as the title currently lacks any online functionality. The game currently retails for $1.99 but we expect a price drop sometime in the near future.

Our Score:

our score

The Devs Score (Posted on MiiVerse)

dev score

The Good & The Bad

Below is a list of what we liked and didn’t like about Explody Bomb.

The Good

  • Innovative usage of the Wii U™ Gamepad
  • Studio’s desire to try something new
  • Simple Control Scheme
  • Everything works
  • Nice Logo Splash Screen

The Bad

  • No Online functionality
  • No Music
  • Unappealing art style
  • Repetitive
  • Low replay value


TV View


Gamepad View


Menu Screen


Nintendo Nuggets Review Score

While we are certain some of you might enjoy Explody Bomb, unfortunately, it is not a Wii U™ title that we can recommend in its current state. The game does provide an addictive experience but it’s short-lived and  comes off as a unpolished and rushed product at best. Those of you who wish to follow updates to Explody Bomb and other upcoming titles from Alkterios Games can do so by visiting the studios official Website. Do you intend on picking up Explody Bomb? As always, let us know in the comments below.

[3.5 / 10]




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    You almost made it to 10! That’s the life-changing part of the game. :-O