Reveal: Ninjapig is back with Bigley’s Revenge for the Wii U

by onDecember 19, 2015

Bigley’s Revenge Trailer for the Wii U

Hot of the press from NinjaPig studios is their latest trailer for their upcoming title Bigley’s Revenge. As originally reported by NintendoLife, the title is an FPS that seems to be inspired by GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT. While not confirmed, the studio is shooting for a release date of December 24.2015, just in time for the Holiday Season.

While NL’s optimism of the upcoming indie is appreciated, we can confirm – whats shown in the screenshot is very much the finished product. We’ve played Bigley’s Revenge and for Better or Worse — whatever your motives may be for purchasing the title, this is a game that will not disappoint.

You can check out the official trailer for the eShop exclusive title Bigley’s Revenge above this post.

Source: Jordan S.

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  • Stuart

    Should be fun,it’s not a bad idea to be honest.

    • Nexis Games

      It’s definitely a good idea, we predict the title will do well and we wish NPS the best of luck on the eshop :)