PS4 Developers To Move To NX From Nintendo [JAPAN]

by onSeptember 28, 2015

In an Famitsu published interview with PS4 developer Spike Chunsoft’s President and CEO Mitsutoshi Sakurai Nintendo’s platform codename NX being “fully” supported is confirmed and scheduled by studio head (see excerpt below):



“For stationary consoles, we’ll focus on PlayStation 4. After, Nintendo’s new hardware, the NX. I would also like to start fully working on Steam.”




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  • TheChosen

    Who cares? If the NX is just using lazy ARM-hardware which means much more disadvantages for me- then advantages- i have zero interest in buying it. This would be the very first time i would not buy a N-console. That would be sad. But i am ready to do what is needed to keep sure my gaming-needs are satisfied. And what i DO NOT need in my games are:
    – Endless DLCs
    – endless Amiibos to unlock everything (which is known as “hidden DLC”
    – Endlesss Patches
    – Endless bugs in the games
    – Not working games at all
    – Games which crashes consoles
    – Bluesceens, Black screens or similar things
    – games with just 10-15 fps. I don`t need that!
    – Hackers (i want a SAVE system!) And i know exactly that youc cannot get that by using lazy AMD/ARM-architecture
    – further things like Free 2 Pay-systems or other phenomen
    – I don`t want nor need an Account-system. Accountsystems can be HACKED! No matter what good code you use. One day will come and it will be hacked. Everything will be gone. Informations will be stolen. Hackers will get more powerful each year. Thats why i prefer not having to use stupid accounts.
    Sony was hacked. Information was stolen. Even the PENTAGON itself (with very high security systems) got hacked. A LOT of information was stolen.
    Does humankind do not learn it? I dont´want nor need an account for my games! I don`t want all my games to be just downloads.
    If all this stupid so called “Modern-gaming” does not change, i will be DONE with gaming. Finally that is i have to add. I will go whereever the cheapest possible gaming is in the future and where i don`t have the most of these stupid things i wrote above. Which most probably means => i will buy much older consoles and i will no longer buy new games and pay a bunch for it. Which then means => the industry of todays gaming will finally die. And if you ask me- that is the only thing the modern gaming industry is deserving.
    My girlfriend says thats what she wants to do too. So i won`t be alone.

    • http://viridea.deviantart.com/ Viridea

      And? No one needs your money. There are like millions of other true fans waiting to get their hands on the NX one day. It’s wayyyy too early for you to be so judgmental. Just quit whining and do what you want. No one gives a shit. I don’t see what your little “comment” here was trying to achieve? There is always some idiot like you who has to complain about how you “refuse” to buy a new console or some other BS. Why does the whole world need to know about your financial issues?? Obviously based on what you said, you cannot get away from having accounts. You apparently just HAD to make an account on this website in particular to voice your ignorant, dinosaur-like “opinion”. Why don’t you just take yourself and your girlfriend with your Game Gears, Game Boys, GBAs, and other handhelds that don’t require internet for anything, and live out in the wilderness away from modern society (and see how long your “gaming” lasts)? Stop being a Drama Queen…

      Oh yeah, I bet I’ll get a lot of flack for this comment. I’m soooo ready for the responses.

      • TheChosen

        Hahahahaha- you make me laugh. Well then you are just plain stupid or you simply never know about what happened about 25 years ago- because you have no experience of that hard times. Thanks for the laugh though!

        Btw: Nope: Every gamer counts today- every gamer which starts to play on smartphones is another nail in the coffin for traditional developers and another point for consoles/handhelds dying. And since many of these “gamers” (how you call them) do not buy more than e.g. 3-5 games each gen => since they are casual-gamers- they are satisfied with a Fifa, Need for Speed and maybe GTA- each 5 years…yeah thats the problem. These many millions of gamers do have no interest what the consoles have to offer for games. They simply care for their Fifa, NFS and one Shooter and thats it. Thats what makes them happy for 5 years. And that is where the console-makers make no money from. The more people like them are there, and the less gamers are there which buy 20-30 gamers per year => The less variety in games there will be since developers will not risk it like allways => the more people will go to Smartphones and other platforms like PC instead where they can get what they want. Or they will simply stop modern gaming like i said and become a retro-gamer.

        “It’s wayyyy too early for you to be so judgmental.”

        No it isn`t. I know how it all began in 1983- and i clearly see the parallels behind now and then. And i see how it all starts like its 1983 again. Its maybe that time again. The Industry is dying. And i can deal happily with that. More and more games are RUSHED on the market- did you see how big patches are today? Did you see that Witcher 3 needs another 15 Gigabyte-Patch to get it work? Did you know that 10 years ago you could fill whole HDDs with that 15 Gigabytes? I think the industry does deserve to die.

        Seems you are just mad that i know about the things going on (the truth behind it all). Keep believing your answer you just wrote. Bye.
        Oh and another personal note: Isn`t is funny, how i listed a lot of things i hate about todays games…you know- a lot of arguments, which is why i don`t like “modern gaming”- yet you are just getting personal over me instead of bringing some counter-arguments? Did i attack you? I don`t even know you. So keep calm. Take some aspirine. You will see what happens in 5 years, when hardcore-gamers like me and my girlfriend are finally gone. And we will be happy on another platform which cannot be attacked nor have to install 15 Gigabyte-Patches (which takes hours to load and install)- we will be happy without all that bs which todays “Modern gaming” is about. We CAN live without it- we don`t need HD-graphics to go on with gaming. Only you – the ones which jobs are depending on it- cannot live without the hardcore-gamers. Since if they are gone you will lose TONS of money.

        You will find another job though. Smartphones are waiting for you. Oh and one last thing: This isn`T about Nintendo itself. I just said i`m done with “modern” gaming since what i feared to happen, seems to come true now. It really shows. It Isn´t about NX or Nintendo. Its about ALL gaming-platforms on the market. Its about the situation which seems to repeat itself from 1983.

        • http://viridea.deviantart.com/ Viridea

          Guess what? I may not have been born to experience 1983, but I have been playing videogames for like 15 years, myself. I KNOW what it it means to play games that aren’t modern. For the record, I don’t even PLAY any of the games you mentioned. I don’t play FiFA, I don’t play Need for Speed, I don’t play The Witcher, I don’t play GTA (I only played San Andreas, that’s it. I prefer Saints Row, anyway). I’m not offended by anything you mentioned. Why should I listen to a wannabe hardcore gamer, anyway? You sound like a friggin’ casual yourself. Tch, “hard core” you make me laugh.

          In case you haven’t noticed, mobile gaming isn’t a problem. Did you know you can play games like Final Fantasy XIII on your phone? Or that Nintendo, Square Enix and many other major videogame companies are moving to mobile platforms? I mean you can put FULL games on the mobile platform. What’s so wrong with that? The need for consoles is becoming obsolete, slowly, save for maybe a Steam console or any other device for PC gaming. The phones and tablets nowadays are more than capable of handling modern and classic video games. At the same time, there are plenty of devices that allow you to play mobile games on your television, and even make your mobile device into a functional controller. I really don’t see the issue. Traditional Developers are jumping right on the mobile bandwagon, and their quality of games doesn’t have to be sacrificed at all, really. It’s also great for individual developers to join in.

          People like you really kill me, getting all pissed off and butthurt over a fucking child’s toy. A VIDEOGAME. Like, really? If you like them you play them. If you don’t, then just don’t! It’s just that damn simple. Get a damn career or something and focus your time on raising a familiy, or making this world a better place. You OBVIOUSLY have too much time on your hands to wanna play video games so much. I’m sure that would give you LOADS of free time to get your life together if you just quit, lol.

          Also, how dare you blame all of gaming as “rushing” games after you’ve only named like the same 5 American games that people talk about. Dude, you must really have a narrow mind. Personally Japanese games are like waaaay better, for the most part, anyway. Of course you are only mentioning the American developers who like to rush games, while I’m happy with my Japanese games. I’m looking forward to my Hyperdimension Neptunia, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, The Last Guardian, Senran Kagura, Attack on Titan, Naruto, and many many other games by Japanese and some individual developers. Don’t get me wrong, I would jump at the chance for a new Jak game, or something.

          Again, it’s too early to judge the NX. You don’t even know it’s official name, yet! How the hell could you know any real details about the console? Also, why are you bringing up so many people that supposedly “share your opinion”. First of all, I’m indifferent to that. And second, I am fully capable of displaying my opinion by myself and defending my opinion without using others as a crutch.

          As long as you keep a narrow mind like that, of course your world will be shallow. I mean, you probably can’t help it, though. Maybe you are too old to appreciate games anymore? People like you don’t even TRY to find the positives in anything, it’s sad, really…

          • TheChosen

            You didn`t bring any arguments which counters what i said, so i cannot see a discussion here. Again for you: I don`t want:

            -Endless DLCs (Which are on today x86-consoles, spreading like cancer on Nintendo-consoles, on their handheld (3DS, getting annoyed, even my girlfriend says “No” and developers should really think what they do next, because they allready lost her now)

            – endless Amiibos to unlock everything (which is known as “hidden DLC”
            – Endless Patches
            – Endless bugs in the games
            – Not working games at all
            – Games which crashes consoles
            – Bluesceens, Black screens or similar things
            – games with just 10-15 fps. I don`t need that!
            – Hackers (i want a SAVE system!) And i know exactly that you cannot get that by using lazy AMD/ARM-architecture
            – further things like Free 2 Pay-systems or other phenomen
            – I don`t want nor need an Account-system. Accountsystems can be HACKED! No matter what good code you use. One day will come and it will be hacked. Everything will be gone. Informations will be stolen. Hackers will get more powerful each year. Thats why i prefer not having to use stupid. Sony got hacked, creditcard-data has been stolen. Nintendo got hacked 2 years ago (gladly nothing happened, but that might change in the future with DLC-plans => hackers are going to hate Nintendo too => boom). MS got hacked,everything was stolen there too.

            Lol, they even hacked the PENTAGON successfully. Theres nothing you cannot hack today, if you do use lazy ARM/x86-technology.

            And i don`t care what you think about that. The fact is => I will stop playing modern games if this goes on like it does. My girlfriend will stop buying modern games.

            And my friends too…and i will spread that word, until nobody of my whole family + Aunts etc will buy their children any modern console again. And before you can say “Alibaba”, millions of gamers will stop doing so. The “Modern” Industry as we know it will crash.

            It has happened in the past. Its just logic. Everything just repeats what has happened in our history. Once EA, Ubisoft and Activision were Indies. Today there are big. But HISTORY itself shows, that NOBODY is too big to fail. Many big companies failed in the past and were gone to bankruptcy.

            Or do you think its just natural what happens right now in the world? Because it isn`t.

            What happens to games right now has happened from 1983 going to 1985. The exact same thing => companies start to pump out too many games => no quality-control => too many buggy games. => leads to even more buggy games => more crappy games => the standard of “Worse-to-good-games” rises => industry crashes because more and more gamers stop to buy these games.

            The time, when they had to dig their worst videogame of all time…deep into earth in america, because it was a such big shame, that it wasn`t worth the plastic and chips.

            Btw: They told allready enough about NX, there are patents which makes clear what Nintendo aims for (Wii 2.0)- there are patents which show they are clearly NX-based (very likely that is going to be NX, since there aren`t too many options to choose from now for N, we know its internetbased, we know it doesn`T feature a disc-drive any more (very likely) and more), we know allready too much. I am not that stupid to not know whats going on. It doesn´t matter if NX is going to be a console (casualbox), or a handheld + Console-combo. The principal of what Nintendo does NOW- is just the exact same, what EA/Ubisoft/Actvision did in the past.

            I simply don`t want to buy it. And i allready said to my girlfriend if that happens to be exactly what i think it is, she won`t have my money for it. And since she stopped playing Sims-games lately (which slowly kills EA now, since the Games-series “SIMS” is now considered being dead, no more Sims 5 is being produced said EA a few months ago)- that says a lot if you ask me.

            See? Rumours allready say, there is a “Super Smash Bros Limited Complete Edition” on the way.

            Which is just 100% the same as what EA does => bringing out 1st) incomplete games- pumping it with endless DLCs…2nd) Later bring out a limited Complete Edition => you get all the DLCs for a lesser Price but have to pay 100 Dollars for the whole package alone.

            100% the same. Just exactly what EA, Ubisoft and Activision and other big developers did in the Past.

            Nintendo is now doing EXACTLY what they told 2014 (yes one year ago!) to never would use! They do exactly the same shit what Mrs. Merkel now does. Being stupid. Ignoring that people have the force.

            Ignoring that 1983 just has started again.

            We have now 3 100% bugged games allready for christmas.

            And currently NOTHING- i repeat that- NOTHING lets show that Nintendo plans to do other things then what EA, Ubisoft & Co does for their games.

            Which means => Very soon EA will be 100% equal to what Nintendo does. Which is why i will end my hobby gaming for “modern games”.

            Because i never asked for stupid “Modern games”. If the industry does not give me what i want, it can die. I have no problems with that.

            I have absolutely 0,0% problems with a dying videogames-industry.

            It can produce smartphone-games, if you think that will be the same… fine. Then think so. But it won`t.

          • Dreamwalker

            ummmm. just a suggestion, don’t buy what ya “don’t want” from a game, and leave your account, offline, then you can’t be hacked. that’s what i’d do. :) i am not a fan of modernized gaming, but i like to spend minimal time complaining, and more time enjoying things the way i like to enjoy them. relax, and happy gaming :) or not, its up to you. either way, its your time your spending.

          • TheChosen

            hacking an account can be done also if you are offline. It does not depend on if you use it or not. At least go search for what hacking means at all, thanks. Then you can argue.
            ist the simple fact that everything ARM/X86-based can be hacked. THAT is the Problem.
            Thats why you also can attack a simple harddrive. Why? Because all HDDs use easy to attack ARM-cpus. All devices in your PC use easy to hack ARM-Technology (e.g. the soundcard, the harddrive, your network-Card or even other parts on your Mainboard). And your PC normally uses a simple x86-cpu which can be hacked even easier.
            Currently the whole way where the videogame-industry heads is not suiting me or my Family well. And the industry soon will see that, when they no more get my thousands of Dollars per year.
            Since each customer Counts, they will very soon get Problems then. The hell EA right now starts to get first Problems because their “cashcow” called “Sims 4” (aka Sims-games-series) is dying and nearly nobody buys their sims-games anymore since its the biggest pile of shit they ever made.

          • TheChosen

            Oh and btw: The less diverse hardware there is (e.g. just Smartphone-like, once all consoles are gone) and the less YEARS of knowledge the developers have about it, the more BUGS you will have in your future games! The less diverse hardware there is to use for the games, the more bugs and the WORSE these games will be running.

            Or do you think its just bad luck that Assassins Creed games are so buggy today? Nope it is not! They lost their hardware-advantage (Ubisoft i mean) and they were ALLWAYS bad at programming on PC-standard-hardware. Ubisoft was PERFECT at PowerPC, but they allways SUCKED at x86!

            And the more complex games will get, the more bugs these games in the future will have! And i’m so laughing about you, who doesn’t know about this.

            Look at newest ‘games’. Do you think its just ‘luck’ these ‘games’ look and feel like watching a boring movie today? This is made on purpose!

  • matt

    The NX specs are them FUSION specs google it Power8 processor’s ect and a RX200 gpu….