Project Light coming to Wii U Q4

by onJanuary 12, 2016

Hello Everyone today I bring you guys news on a game that is releasing this year.

Project Light is a modern 3D turn-based Japanese-style RPG set in a underground cyberpunk world ruled by a fierce empire.

This game will release this year and after speaking to the developer about this project he responded with the wii u version will come Q4. We first heard of this game since last year and looks promising but please be patient. The developer is currently working on Super Night riders which will release soon. Once this project is completed then project light will be fully worked on.


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  • Ninja-Fable

    I’m definitely interested. Lets just hope Wii U still gets enough support around that time with all this NX business going on :{

    • http://www.nexisgames.com statusphere (NexisGames)

      This is probably the game I want most. Don’t worry, the Wii U still has atleast 5 years of life left. There are 100’s of games in currently in development.