Nintendo Nuggets Exclusive Interview with Neko.Works

by onJanuary 12, 2016
Hello Everyone, Today I bring you an Exclusive interview with Neko Works
1.Hello Neko works, can you introduce yourself and give us a little background about your team?
Hi there! This is Kamel a.k.a baka-neko, the one guy behind “neko.works”, an indie game studio from France.
I’ve started making my own (sort of) games since I was a kid, using BASIC on my Thomson MO5, then ASM on MS-DOS. I’m now using C# with Unity.
I founded “neko.works” in 2012, and my intent is to bring back old-school game experiences with nowadays tools.
2.What is your game super Night Riders about?
“Super Night Riders” is an arcade racing game inspired by 80’s classics, but with modern 3D graphics targeting current gen hardware.
It is a checkpoint based racer, so your position in the race does not matter, it’s all about traveling the farthest possible while reaching each checkpoint before the timer go down to zero.
3.What was the story behind this game and how did it became to be?
My main inspiration for this game is Hang-On from SEGA, which was made by the legendary Yu Suzuki! I used to play it a lot at the arcade when I was a kid, and this was the game that made me purchase a SEGA MegaDrive soon after!
“Super Night Riders” is actually the second game in the serie, after the original “Night Riders” which I’ve released in 2013 on PlayStation Vita, OUYA and Android. It is still available on OUYA and Android, so please check it out if you can!
4.What do you want to accomplish with your game?
My goal with this project is to bring back the fun of the early arcade racers, such as Hang-On and Outrun, on current gen consoles. Both for the older players who are nostalgic to those games, and for the new comers who I’m sure will enjoy it, as this kind of games are really a lot of fun! There’s not much games like these nowadays, as most AAA racers are all about realism and complex mechanics. If you spent 5 minutes on Hang-On, you could have a complete, rewarding game session, whereas 5 minutes in any modern racer is probably the time you’ll spend in the menus trying to simply start a race!
5.Most companies has turned against the wii u and decided not to support it, How did you decide to choose the wii u to be one of the consoles?
I really think that the Wii U is a great console that deserve more love from third party developers. It has more than enough computing power, it is a supported target by Unity, and its players seem to love retakes on retro classics such as in Mario Maker: That’s enough reasons for me to target it!
6.What are some key things we can expect to see from your game? Will the wii u gamepad be used?
The Wii U version will be similar to the other console versions. No plans on exclusive features currently.
7.Do you have a release date or when you hope to finish this game?
The game is currently planned for Q1 to Q2 2016 on Wii U.
8.what do you want fans mainly to look at?
If you want to know more about this project, please check out the official webpage, it contains screenshots and videos that I update regularly:
I also have a Twitter account where I post new infos and shots about my works:
If you like Japanese-style RPGs, please keep an eye on one of my upcoming games, codenamed “Project Light”, also planned on Wii U, for Q4 2016:
 Do you want to say something to all the fans?
9.Do toy want to say anything to the fans?
“Super Night Riders” will release soon, so please look forward to it. I hope that you’ll enjoy this retro arcade experience on Wii U!
Kamel a.k.a baka-neko
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