Nintendo Unifying Platforms In New Marketing With Return Of Classic Red

by onSeptember 24, 2015

Several reports and pictures are now emerging together illustrating Nintendo has consolidated their promotional focus of the 3DS, WiiU and Amiibo platforms under a single red Nintendo banner at retail widespread and in unity. Stores like GameStop, Target and WalMart have all re-branded the allocated Nintendo areas with Nintendo’s newest provided materials and the look of things will certainly take you back! With more Nintendo hardware just over the horizon we are eager to see where this recent activity may actually possibly lead…





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  • Stufa

    Every time things go a bit sour for Nintendo, they tend to go back to the drawing board.
    That’s no bad thing.
    Just look at Mario Maker and the unique experiments on Splatoon.

    I begin to wonder if the NX will become the NES 2 or something on those lines.

    • TheChosen

      IF NX is getting just another NES => No interest for me. Sorry i am NOT interested in games just using a bland-old controller. With nothing new to explore just more of the same.

      I`m DONE with gaming then. I will become a Retrogamer then. Bye bye society.

      • Nexis Games

        Society needs you! don’t give up on them yet, Nintendo always manages to surprise us!

        • TheChosen

          This time i fear for the worst. I am a huge Nintendofan, you know? But i think you should stop gaming, when the future of gaming is just about “Amiibo, endless DLC, 24/7 online-mandatory, Day1-Patches (see countless 3DS-games)” etc. You know what i mean.
          Oh and i speak of hackers too 😉 Thats why i plan to get a retro-gamer soon. The WiiU might be my very last console.

        • Stufa

          Aside from developers like yourselves, I think Nintendo is the only hope for originality in games.
          The other machines, not to say they’re bad, they’re not.
          But they seem focused on feeding the popular demand of online shooters with improved visuals.
          Any originality on them seems to be lost in a vast sea CoD and GTA.