Nintendo Switch to be Region Free, Price, and Launch Date Confirmed!

by onJanuary 13, 2017

Nintendo Switch is doing things right! #NintendoSwitchPresentation


Price, Launch Date and Region Locking Information Confirmed

Nintendo has finally opened the black hole of information, pertaining to the world of the Nintendo Switch and what was announced has shocked the world. Nintendo officially announced that the Nintendo Switch will launch in the US on March 3rd, 2017, with a perfect price point of $299.99 (which didn’t surprise anyone), however,  in what was probably the most surprising news of the night, the Big N announced, the console will not be region locked, that’s right, NOJ is now fair game in the world of Nintendo!


What the heck are Joy-Cons?

Nintendo went on to discuss the various features of the device and if social media offers any indication of consumer interest, fans really seem to be excited about Joy Cons. For those of you unfamiliar, Joy-Cons are interchangeable peripherals that come in a variety of colors and can act as a standalone controller. Each Joy-Con will have its own full set of buttons.


Confirmed Launch Titles

GameRelease DateWhat do we know?
The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the WildLaunch title in North America and Japan; currently unconfirmed for launch in EuropeFirst party; will release on Wii U around the same time. Amiibo support confirmed
RimeMayThird party adventure from Tequila Works; also coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC
LEGO City UndercoverSpring 2017Third party port of the Wii U exclusive also coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC
Pokémon StarsLate 2017First party new edition of Pokémon Sun and Moon for the Switch, according to Eurogamer sources
Project Sonic 2017Late 2017Third party new Sonic adventure from SEGA also coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC)
Shovel Knight2017Third party adventure with DLC expansions also available on PS4, Xbox One and PC)
Just Dance 20172017Third party Ubisoft dance game; the first Western game to be announced for Switch back at E3 2016
Dragon Quest XITBCSquare Enix role-playing game; will also release on PS4, 3DS
Dragon Quest XTBCSquare Enix MMO; was confirmed alongside new entry Dragon Quest XI in 2015
Seasons of HeavenTBCAdventure game by Any Arts Production running on Unreal Engine 4
Stardew ValleyTBCThird party port where “Switch’s unique capabilities could create some excited opportunities”, according to developer Chucklefish
Cube Life: Island SurvivalTBCPort of Wii U eShop game by Cypronia also coming to PC
ConstructorTBCA new edition of the 1997 tycoon game also coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC

Are you ready to Switch?

Are you excited for the Nintendo Switch and Will you be picking up one in May? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and Thanks for reading.

Source  Eurogamer, Nintendo

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