Nintendo Switch: Get a Dock for Your Dock

by onMarch 24, 2017

Nintendo Switch: Get a Dock for Your Dock


Nintendo Switch Hardware issues

As with any new console, the Nintendo Switch is reportedly to be causing issues for an unknown percentage of consumers. We’ve done our own research into this issue and found that while problems do exist, the number of defective units appear to be small. In addition to our research, we also own the console and we have been fortunate enough not to have any of the issues being reported, That said,  I can clearly see room for improvement as far as the dock is concerned.

Internet to the resscue

As always, when problematic devices are released to an unsuspecting public, 3rd Party sellers are always willing to step in and offer temporary fixes and Nintendo’s latest console is no exception. Everything from dock covers to dock replacements are now being offered just about everywhere you loook and the latest addition to the party is a Dock Cradle.

The Dock Cradle houses and secures the original dock, while providing an additional 12 slots for game cartrigages. As illustrated in the picture below, the Dock Cradle also comes ina variety of colors


Those of you who are inerested in learning mopre about the product can do so here.

Source: Etsy vis Facebook

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