NIntendo Switch Event

by onJanuary 20, 2017

Hello Everyone

I just wanted to tell all that I had receive a Nintendo Switch Event invite yesterday but unfortunately I cannot attend. At first I was excited that I got an invite and I don’t know how but my luck went out quickly. I had to register with EventBrite and they had send the email while I was at school and due to that all the tickets were sold out. When I checked my email it was too late and it’s unfortunate because it would of been nice to bring you all pics and videos from the event. In all honesty i’m not too upset that I missed this chance since i’m in my final semester of college and trying to maintain good grades and not miss a single assignment.

All I can do is be on the wait list or attend the public event on sunday but i don’t see that happening due to everything I have to do for school. If i do somehow go then i’ll bring back as much footage and pictures for all of you!

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