Nintendo Patent Haptic Next Gen Screen Feedback Likely For QOL

by onSeptember 18, 2015

New patents have surfaced showing engineers working at Nintendo maintain interest in Haptic Technology. Touchscreens implanted with software controlled motors react to user interactions by the integrated motor’s act of spinning and moving which both capable of raising up or sinking down. A weight attached to shaft of motor create numerous vibration frequencies returning feedback to the user providing ability to feel various shapes at different lengths creating textures ranging from hair to wood or even water bringing entirely new degrees of immersion to stylus enabled technology. This level of sensation more notably however has the potential to make video game interfaces more accessible to the visually impaired gamers world wide and if implemented to its fullest we expect this to be integral to Nintendo’s upcoming QOL platform set to connect with dedicated games near its 3rd year following launch in the next 6 months. (Official Images Below)

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