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by onJanuary 23, 2016

1. Hello open form games, can you introduce yourself and give us a little background about your team?
Absolutely! Open Form Games is a small, indie two person game development studio working on titles like Vegas Prime Retrograde and E.V. and Jett. Our team is Stuart Templeton (that’s me!) and Thomas Hurtt. We collaborate on all parts of our game development, everything from art to marketing to the nuts-and-bolts programming. We’ve worked in the game industry in a variety of forms for a while, for companies like Electronic Arts and MAXIS on big titles, but wanted to explore making smaller, story driven games.
2. What is your game Vegas Prime Retrogade about?
Vegas Prime Retrograde is a dramatic story driven cyberpunk game about Clara, a member of a deep-space resource mining crew, as she tries to reintegrate into the near-utopian Vegas Prime. She gets an unusual message from a deceased member of her crew and has to piece together and decode a mysterious data bundle. You have to figure out who to trust and make decisions that help shape the outcome of the story. There are a lot of bizarre plot twists and characters that show up, so I don’t want to say too much!
3. What was the story behind this game and how did it became to be?
Vegas Prime Retrograde is a short form neo-cyberpunk story that focuses on character and style. We grew up with 80s and 90s cyberpunk and sci-fi and wanted to tell a cyberpunk story, updated and modernized. We really wanted to explore the idea that even in a utopian society the human struggle is very real. Interesting fact: Vegas Prime Retrograde actually started out as an indie comic and that’s how we continue to sketch out our story line.
4. What do you want to accomplish with your game?
We want to contribute to the public discussion of the singularity and artificial intelligence. We wanted to discuss it in different terms than you typically get from mainstream sci-fi. Our AI are artists and dreamers, not actively trying to disrupt humanity, but rather trying to live up to its beauty. We also wanted to touch on the idea of a unified humanity, working together for the common good. Our Star Trek fandom, coming out, I guess. Vegas Prime isn’t a dystopia, for example. It’s actually a utopia that our main characters struggle to be a part of — like a war veteran returning home.
5. Most companies have turned against the wii u and decided not to support it, How did you decide to choose the wii u to be one of the consoles?
I can’t really speak for the companies that might aim for a different ecosystem, but we felt the Wii U was a great home for our games. One of the great things about not being a large studio with a giant budget is that we’re not really worried about the same things as the AAA industry leaders. We think our short form fiction will be at home on the Wii U.
6. What are some key things we can expect to see from your game? Will the wii u gamepad be used?
You’re going to see a meticulously crafted and visually compelling sci-fi world with rich characters and a gratifying storyline. You’ll see frequent story-driven releases, in short form for people that might not have an entire week to devote to a game but still want a meaningful experience. The gamepad will definitely be used! The gamepad will represent your Proximity Hack Device in this first release. In future releases, you can expect to take the role of other members of the team and they will have their own unique gamepad use.
7. Do you have a release date or when you hope to finish this game?
We usually say “When it’s done.” We’re actually very, very close to release. We had a release candidate that we took to some game and comic conventions and we got so much positive and great feedback that we decided to take some time to pull those ideas in. Right now, that’s what we’re doing. Speaking of which, if anyone ever sees us at a convention, stop by and say hello. Facebook and Twitter are great, but in person is even better!
8. What do you hope to accomplish with your game or what do you want fans mainly to look at?
It’s hard to think in terms of fans — we’re fans too. We want people to enjoy the crazy plot twists. We want people to dive into the lore of the area and the history of Vegas Prime. We want people to think in terms of the future, *right now*.

9. Do you want to say something to all the fans?
Welcome to Vegas Prime.

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  • Stufa

    The concept sort of reminds me of Watch Dogs, only not playing to the drooling masses of GTA style gamers. Not that doing so is a bad thing…. Honest 😛

    Reading their interview makes me admire their vision. Similar to what I like I think I saw about Splatoon in it’s earlier stages. I’ll be watching this one.

    • Open Form Games

      Hahaha! I like GTA, but totally agree! Any chance we can use that line in some marketing material? :)

      • Stufa

        I’d be honoured.
        I’d also howl if I heard that in a game or advert, lol.