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WTF is Nuggets Arcade

Welcome to the Nintendo Nuggets Arcade. Here you will find playable demos for our upcoming titles, as well as full games. In addition, we hope to showcase some of the crazy ideas we occasionally get around 2:00 AM, so be sure to buckle up because things will get weird around here very soon. The NA platform (NNAP) has been designed exclusively for the nFusion framework, so hopefully, our games will have the potential to do things not seen anywhere else.  Once my 2 major titles are completed, I plan on uploading a new game every month and letting you guys vote yay or nay, similar to the way things are done on steam greenlight.

Web-Based Open Gaming Platform for Upcoming PC, Nintendo, PS4 and Xbox One Titles

Any studios interested in participating in the program are encouraged to reach out to us. Before contacting us, be sure that your title is ready to be published and you own or have rights to us all assets included in your title. Nintendo Nuggets takes no responsibility for the misuse of illegally obtained assets and your game will be pulled and your account will be suspended.

Confirmed Upcoming Games

We have a lot of great content lined up, that we’re excited to show off. Right now, we have confirmed the following titles for the NAP with more soon to follow.

The Dance of theDamned: Episode 1: Draw the Line

2017-01-14 (3)


UCraft weapons

Brick Blast U Remix


(BBU Version 1.0, not a representation of upcoming product)

This is only the start

We have a lot more to be announced, following the release of these titles. We are taking things slowly and announcing new software as previously announced software had been released. So stay tuned. and be on the lookout for future announcements as we are working as diligently as possible to make this happen.



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