Nintendo Gamepad NFC & Apple Pay Use Same Encoding

by onSeptember 13, 2015

NFC tags wirelessly exchange information as a secure personal data storage medium between debit or credit card information, loyalty program data, Personal Identification Numbers. This technology generally are read-only but may be rewritable (Amiibo).  NFC tags themselves are encoded custom by their manufacturers or use official industry specifications and whatever the case may be it would seem when the Nintendo WiiU Game Pad is within range of communication locally with various Apple products program activation is successfully engaged ( as seen in the below Tweet)

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  • http://nintendoeshopgamers.wordpress.com Nintendo eShop Gamers!

    If Nintendo activate the option to use NFC to pay, it would be very cool.

    • TheChosen

      Exactly THAT is planned.

      My EC-card also supports NFC now. Yet, my country is slow as hell.

      Dude, how cool would it be to never give in codes? I hate codes. And i also hate creditcards since hackers are stealing data whenever you don`t watch…