Nintendo E3 Predictions

by onJune 13, 2017

The Nintendo Spotlight at E3 is Officially 12 hours away and we are all hyped to see what goodies Nintendo has planned for the Switch alongside the 3DS

I will be writing about a some predictions I have for Nintendo at E3 since we will probably learn more about titles during the treehouse and maybe some surprises as the days go

Predictions: Nintendo Switch

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will get released this year (Likely in December) and we will see more details about the game at the treehouse.
  • Super Mario Oddysey will probably released the friday before black friday and we can expect this game to show up maybe more than once at the treehouse. I’m very skeptical but I can see DLC coming to this game as an expansion to maybe more worlds.
  • We will hear more about the expansion pass for Breath of the Wild and a release date for the first expansion and hear a few details about the second expansion.
  • Fire Emblem Warriors will have an official release date and we can expect to see gameplay and a trailer during E3
  • Get A small glimpse of Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch and maybe first look at some gameplay
  • Here a little about VC or at least more about the Classic games that will be coming with our Nintendo Online services.
  • Here about Pikmin 4 at some point during E3 and expect to release this year or early next year.
  • Arms will probably be part of the show to help promote it since it will release on friday and maybe we will find a few details about the additional content for the future.
  • Splatoon 2 will have more gameplay to show and hear about future content.
  • I don’t expect to hear to hear anything Smash Related but if we do I expect to release late this year or Early next year
  • Retro IP will be revealed during the Spotlght and we will get the first look at gameplay during the treehouse
  • We may see a revival of an old Nintendo IP which may be a grand surprise that we didn’t see coming
  • A small glimpse of Shin Megami Tensai for the Switch
  • Maybe hear about Travis Touchdown for switch

Now I want to move on and talk a little bit about Predictions from 3rd party for the Nintendo Switch

  • We will have release dates for Ubisoft titles that were announced such as Steep, Rayman Legends.
  • We might get another Game from Ubisoft like South Park or Something tom Clancy related. I still have hope that we may get more games from ubisoft and just waited for the spotlight to announce them.
  • We might see WWE 2K18 come to the Switch which would fit perfect for the system and seeing all that advertisement between Nintendo and John Cena one never knows.
  • We could See the rumored L.A. Noire that was reported months ago and this could be Rockstar first test with the Nintendo Switch to see how the game does.
  • Madden 18 or a port of an older game from E.A.
  • Maybe a Nintendo has an exclusive deal for maybe 2 or 3 games from third parties one which could possibly be Beyond good or evil 2
  • Call of Duty WWII come to the switch but will probably have some features cut off
  • Overall I expect he switch to have a solid lineup of third party support and Nintendo highlights them during their spotlight or treehouse.
  • Hear games get announced for switch outside of nintendo event meaning we may hear it from IGN, Gamespot etc…

One of my biggest wish that I hope happens n years to come is the Last Story 2 if it ever happens.

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