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by onApril 16, 2016

nFusion 1.0 Documentation

“Experience the power if the cloud”


Powered by Nintendo Nuggets,

Introduction to nFusion™ – Control your game(s) from Windows!

The nFusion Framework is a service we designed that provides developers the ability to trigger and manipulate real-time events in their game, even after they are compiled and in production. While the nFusion Framework was designed for UCraft, it can quickly and easily be implemented in other games and works with on all Unity Target platform(s).

nFusion is a cloud service that allows developers to control specified elements of their game from any internet-connected PC. The plug-n-play architecture and load balance is all handled by NintendoNuggets.com (a thoroughly tested server) and the service is 100% free.

We have prepared a demo that showcases what can be done in nFusion in a matter of seconds.  All spawned objects return a value and can be manipulated after initiation using via the NN_Spawner class. In the demo, we showcase how to spawn objects from windows and manipulate the color of each object using nFusion.exe.

nFusion is currently in beta, so bugs are expected. We ask all participants of the beta who encounter bugs to let us know.

nFusion Unity Editor Settings

Connection Handler


Enable NFusion: Toggle the nFusion service on and off

Studio Name: Enter the public name of your studio

NN API Key: This is your unique Nintendo Nuggets API key. Do not share this key with anyone.

Use Minute Timer: Use minutes instead of seconds in Update Timer

Update Timer: Number of Seconds/Minutes between updated

Functions to Monitor: List of Action Names to monitor and return values for
Action Names are defined in nFusion.exe

Enable Debug: Output retrieval results to debug.log

NN RPC Functions


Allow Network Messages: Toggle the nFusion message service on and off

Message Box: Unity UI Text Box used to display messages

Audio: Audio output used for playing sound over network.

NN Username

Platform: Current platform of your title.

NN Username: Username of player – Required for messages

NN Spawner

Enable Autospawn: Allow unity to spawn objects from remote input received from nFusion.exe / Nintendo Nuggets.

nFusion Example

Set the Action Name, Action Value and Action Intensity for a tornado in nFusion. We named ours Tornado

Note: nFusion supports 150 records per title; there is no limit on # of titles

Toggle “Tornado” on and off in nFusion using “Action Value”
Control “Tornado” size and/or damage with “Action Intensity”.

The Results

In this scenario, the title UCraft will spawn a Tornado every 60 seconds that has an intensity of 4. These setting are adjustable.


Internal Commands

As the name suggests, internal commands are pre-defined functions available to you that can be accessed by inputting certain commands. Each Internal Command must be followed by an “=” as well as a value.

Available Commands

  • loadlevel (Loads a new scene)
  • networkmessage (send message to everyone playing game)
  • networkmessagetouser (send message to a single player)

Internal Command Example


Structured Command

Structured commands are custom instructions that are defined in Unity.

Available Commands

  • spawn (spawn a prefab “prefab must be in resources folder!”)
    • modifycolor (modify the color of an object)
  • audio (manipulate audio)
    • play
    • stop

Structured Command Example


Note: Advanced Internal Commands can support Structured Commands

Setup & Instructions

Setup is quick and easy and can be done is less than 5 minutes. To get nFusion implemented into your project, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Note: We recommend viewing our example scene included in the asset.

  1. On your Windows PC, Open nFusion.exe
  2. Configure your account by typing your studio name and clicking the “Generate Studio Profile” button.
  3. Click the “Configure Title” tab, type the name of your game, set its function parameters and click “Submit Configuration” when finished.
  4. Click the “IS Manager” tab, and edit the values to make changes to your title.
  5. Click the Options menu and click “Copy API key to Clipboard” as shown below.
  6. Open Unity and Import the “nFusion RC 1.0” Unity Asset.
  7. Open the prefabs folder and drag the “nFusion” prefab into a scene of your game (We recommend the 1st scene once in production as this object uses “DontDestroyOnLoad”)
  8. In the “NN_ConnectionHandler” Script, input your Studio Name, Game name and paste your NN_API Key. Make sure the information matches the information entered in step 3 precisely.
  9. In the “NN_ConnectionHandler”, input the “Action Names” you entered into step 3 into the Functions To Monitor list. Make sure the information matches the information entered in step 3 precisely.
  10. In the IS Manager, review your configuration and press “Update Game”
  11. Congratulations, you’re done! Your game can now be controlled using any internet-connected Windows PC that you desire!  Use the code below to reference your online database from any script.

C# Code: How to reference nfusion in Unity

string FindRecordValue = GetComponent<nFusion.NN_Functions>().Find_RecordValueByName(“String to Search For?”);

string FindRecordIntensity = GetComponent<nFusion.NN_Functions>().Find_RecordIntensityByName(“String to Search For?”);


  • Windows 7 or Higher running the latest .Net Framework
  • Unity 5 or Higher – (Untested on Unity 4.0, it might also work)
  • An Internet Connection

Commercial Usage Policies and Guidelines

  • Complete the NGP Licensing request form and submit it to Licensing@nintendonuggets.com
  • Credit must be given to NintendoNuggets.com and Nexis Games for no less than 3 seconds before the main menu / title screen is shown.
  • A link to NintendoNuggets.com on your website.
  • A review copy of your game :)

Thanks for reading, happy coding and don’t forget to “Give us your heart!” -Nexis Games


Windows Binary: nFusion 1.05 (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)
Unity Asset: nFusion RC 1.01.

Feedback / Bug reporting

Please post on this page or send all feedback and bug reports to nfusion@nintendonuggets.com. If possible be sure to include a note on how to reproduce the behavior in your email.

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