Draw the Line: New Screens & Teaser Trailer

by onJanuary 19, 2017

Progress Report – [1/19/2017] – New Screens + Small Battle Clip from Draw the Line

So things are progressing very nicely with our upcoming title ‘TDOTD: Draw the Line’ and we have made quite a bit of progress since our last post.  Some of the most significant changes are improved lighting, better asset handling/pooling for improved framerate, more enemies/classes added and many other general improvements/bug fixes,

Playtesting suggests we may need to tone it down.

Starting out, it has always been our intention to make a very challenging game and Play testing results suggests that we’ve done exactly that. Last week, we had several seasoned playtesters sit down and take a stab at our upcoming title’ Dance of the Damned: Draw the Line’ and our findings suggest: we might need to tone things down a bit. To take a look at the intensity of the title in its current state, take a peek at the video attached to the top of this post.

What’s next for DOTD

We are currently in the process of implementing new weapon art, weapons currently in use are placeholder assets and will not be used in the final version of the game. The game is well on its way to being on the eShop, we’ll keep you updated on its progress and as always, thanks for reading.


dtotd 2017-01-18 (2) 2017-01-17 (4) 2017-01-14 (3) 2017-01-17 (1)

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  • TheChosen

    Looks good!

    When do ya think it will be done?

    • NintendoNuggets

      Shooting for 8 to 12 weeks