Miitomo earned 1.6 million downloads in its first 4 days in the U.S.

by onApril 9, 2016

Gamesbeat has reported that Miitomo has over 1.6 downloads in it’s first 4 days of the release. This is pretty good as a start for nintendo and the app is pretty good. Nothing too big but fair. We can only wait to hear from nintendo the official number of downloads worldwide

Here is what gamesbeat said

Nintendo’s mobile debut is going well.

1.6 million people downloaded the publisher’s Miitomo social platform in the U.S. alone from March 31 through April 3, according to industry-tracking firmSensor Tower. That number includes both iOS and Android, and it doesn’t include the days Miitomo spent at the top of the download chart on both platforms through the bulk of this week. The app, which has you answering questions that your avatar will then go off to share with your friends, is now dropping down the charts. Sensor Tower has Miitomo at No. 10 on iOS.


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